Wedding Planning Goes High Tech

Uros Krstic

It's high time the world of wedding and party planning converged with technology, and today we're bringing you some of the latest apps, websites and tech-trends for nearly every tech device that will put your wedding on the cutting edge. Are you totally geeked yet? Let's get started! loverly-wedding-search-engine-website A Search Engine for Wedding Planning: is a new website that serves as a visual wedding planning search engine. Think Pinterest with a wedding-themed one-track mind. You can search and shop by color, category, style or any other detail. The best part? You can "Love" images to idea boards where your family, friends, bridesmaids and others can view and share their thoughts. twitter-instagram-wedding-hashtag Social Weddings: Are you a budding virtual socialite who loves Instagram and/or Twitter? You can incorporate your love of social media into your big day by creating personalized wedding hashtags that will make photos and tweets created by your wedding guests searchable for the entire party. Just come up with a unique hashtag and be sure to inform your guests of how to tag their photos and status updates. Who wants to wait until the next day to see all the photo fun? For real-time tweeting, add a Tweet Wall to display up-to-the-minute chatter for all your guests. You can even have them tweet messages to the bride and groom that will be displayed for all to see throughout the celebration. wedding-snap-photo-app-iphone-android Wedding Photo Smartphone App: The internet isn't the final frontier for party and wedding photos . Wedding Snap is the smartphone app for iPhone and Android that your guests can download and when they snap photos and videos, all will be collected for you in one online album. Don't forget to share your photos with Smarty by uploading them to our event gallery. my-weding-budget-app-iphone-ipad-wedding-planning-toolpng Wedding Budget Planning: Smartphones aren't the only devices receiving wedding app love. Download the My Wedding Budget app for your iPad to make your wedding budget planning a piece of cake. digital-wedding-favors-trend Digital Wedding Favors: One of the latest trends in wedding favors is to skip the packaging and give your guests a downloadable gift they can receive online - a free song, movie, ebook, game, app or ringtone. Even if you don't have enough tech-savvy guests to justify this as a favor, it's still a great gift for your wedding party. How does it work? Provide guests with the website and access code or gift card for their free download. Be as creative as you want with the presentation. If you liked these tech-savvy tips, there's more where that came from! Follow Smarty Had A Party on Pinterest to see some of the most informative tips, creative recipes, and beautiful decor trends the web has to offer. Party on, Smarties! Ashley
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