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For every event we plan, we put a lot of effort into it, and wait impatiently for that day or night to come. Weddings, showers, birthdays, or any kind of occasion is the time we gather our friends, coworkers, and family together in one place to do nothing but have a great time. We spend an amazing night, we laugh and talk, we dance, and of course, no great party goes without great food. Our most important party is yours. Therefore, we’re smartying your party up!

Don’t say that you don’t enjoy dinners. Eating is the fun part. And for every single dish, carefully cooked with a lot of love, there has to be a plate that provides the same feeling. Now, have a look at our Smarty Plates. Smarty’s dinnerware is all about the difference, style and creativity. For any kind of event, Smarty has a creation for you. Round plates, square plates, deep or shallow, big or small, elegant and sophisticated, or fun and colorful.

 Nobody looks at your plates only once. They are in front of your guests throughout the entire dinner. Just because of that, Smarty has the biggest collection of any style, shape, color or texture that your event might need. Perfectly designed china like plates or modern minimalism square plain color.  It’s yours just to say what you need, and Smarty already has it. Whether you are having a big wedding, a baby shower, or just a family dinner with your grandparents visiting, there are tons of options for you in our Smarty suitcase.

 You need different plates for different celebrations? Great! Our plastic plates are disposable and yet great quality: dinner plates, buffet plates, cake plates, pastry or salad plates. Plus there are some wonderful examples of palm leaf plates in case you wish for something different. So  you can, of course, avoid all the problem of how to put everything together with the same dishes, and endless cleaning up afterwards.

 Smarty combs the world to smartify your party!

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One of a Kind, Beautiful and Stylish Disposable Plates Make Your Wedding or Party the Most Glamorous Event