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2 oz. Clear Small Disposable Plastic Concave Cups
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Everything we experience, be it a night out, a journey, or a great love, all have a highlight. It is the one part you will remember forever as the most important facet of that particular moment in time. That moment gets everybody's attention. You want your event to be one of those unique things, right? One of those impressive moments that have that one detail everyone remembers. Why not trust Smarty Had a Party to help you make that a...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is disposable serving ware durable enough for heavy foods and serving?

Yes! They are premium quality plastic/alternative materials, so you'll be able to depend on these for the toughest and thickest foods that are lined up on your buffet table. No snaps, breaks, or cracks.

Do disposable serving ware look and feel like the "real" thing?

Yes, they are designed to imitate the real thing as far as porcelain, ceramic, glass, and metal. They will be just suitable for those hunting for professional appeal but still have the convenience of disposable design and overall comfort of use.

What are the top benefits of going with disposable serving ware?

The biggest one is that you can get the prestige you are hoping for with no cleanup, loss, or expense of the real thing. It's great for whatever event you want, and your guests will see that you went all out in planning it!

Will disposable serving ware match my other tablescape pieces?

Yes! Whatever design you have in mind, you'll find that all of these will factor into the look and feel your event has in mind. It will simply be another level to add some prestige to what you had in mind.

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