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Everything we do… A night out, a journey, a great love… They all have a highlight. It is the one part you will remember. At least for a while. That moment that gets everybody’s attention - a shooting star on the peaceful sky, a rockstar coming out on the stage, a turkey on Thanksgiving dinner. Well, the turkey is a rockstar. “And them rockstars don’t ride in a pickup truck”. Neither does Smarty let them do so.

After a fresh salad with an olive oil dressing, a tasty dip, and a carefully picked appetizer there is always the moment everybody’s waiting for - the entree. This is the special moment that we simply mustn’t let anything ruin. It has to be all perfect. For these moments, Smarty provided the perfect limos. Meet the Smarty Servingware Collection.

Entree is the most delicious part of the meal. It is a dish everyone enjoys the most and expects the most of it. So when you bring this amazing food out on the table it has to have the proper servingware. That tray has to shine. It has to be the right color, yet not place the shadow over the dish. It has to be produced and picked just perfectly. That’s what makes Smarty Pants a face in the crowd. Precision and perfection. Those wonderful yet flawless black or white serving trays will give your entree just the support, elegance and style it needs.

And it’s not just about the main course. For every little thing you want to serve on your table, Smarty offers a variety of plastic small square mini plates, clear serving soup bowls, plastic parfait dishes, tureens, utensils sets, cake cutters even the palm leaf serving trays, and shiny serving spoons and forks. Certainly, servingware is an important part of your wedding, birthday, etc.

Yet again another great element - when your perfect event is over, there is a place for those useful disposable dishes. And it doesn’t have to be the dishwasher.

Disposable Servingware Collection

Serve Your Best On the Best - Smarty's Disposable Wedding and Party Servingware Collection