The Proper Table Setting Guide

The Proper Table Setting Guide

The way you set up your table projects a lot about your overall personality. Whether it’s an informal event or a formal one, you need to make sure that you’re following a proper guideline of etiquettes. Believe it or not, your guests are definitely going to notice the way you serve dinnerware items on the table.

Especially for a formal occasion, you need to make sure that everything is properly placed.


Placing Flatware Properly

There’s a general rule of thumb that your dinnerware items need to be placed in such an order that the utensils that are used first should be placed near the dinner plate in an outside-in position. The forks should go on the left of the dinner plate, while the spoons and knife should be placed on the right.

Whether it’s a formal or an informal event, this type of setting is quite common and acceptable.


Dinnerware Place Setting

The dinner plate is the first thing that is set on the table, along with a napkin folded on it. The flatware needs to be placed in a proper setting. The dinner fork is always placed on the left of the plate because it’s used in the main course.

The salad fork that is smaller in size as compared to the dinner fork, is placed to the left of the dinner fork. The napkin can be placed either on the plate, underneath the forks, or to the left of the forks.

On the right side of your dinner plate, the dinner knife is placed with the blade facing inward. If you have meat in the main course, the dinner knife will be replaced with the steak knife.

The spoon is always placed to the right of the dinner knife. If the soup is served first, the soup spoon will be placed on the extreme right of the dinner knife. The dessert spoon or teaspoon goes next to the dinner knife.

For parties, plastic dinnerware sets are preferred because they’re easy to handle and can be disposed of after the event.

Any type of drinkware is placed on the top-right of the dinner plate. To make serving more elegant, we offer stylish plastic drinkware that will give your table a premium look. The salad plate is placed on the top-left side of your dinner plate. In an informal setting, the salad plate can be omitted, but it is recommended to place a separate salad plate.

In formal settings, fancy charger plates are placed underneath the dinner plate. The dinner plates aren’t placed without a charger plate. The charger plate is also known as buffet plate, service plate, or cover plate. 

Everything else goes exactly in the same manner as mentioned above. The charger plate in the center, dinner plate on the charger plate, forks on the left, and knife and spoons are placed on the right. The drinkware goes on the top-right, the salad plates or a bread plate on the top-left with a butter knife or a spreader placed diagonally on the edge of the plate – this is how you properly set up your table placement. Now, hurry up, call all your friends over to dinner, and set the spectacular dining table!


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