Top 13 Simple Tips for Hosting a Party With Ease

Top 13 Simple Tips for Hosting a Party With Ease

Milena Kukurekovic

Everyone loves being invited to parties but hates throwing them because the fear of failure haunts them to paralysis. As a matter of fact, it's not easy either, but with our perfect guide, hosting a party will be a piece of cake for you. 

There are simple tips that might sound cliche at first but make your party yo or a big no.

So, here are the 13 best tips to help you host a party like a pro!

1. Plan an Epic Start

Having an epic start guarantees a good party since the people might let go of some minor issues later.

But if your party starts without being noticed, or worse, by a significant disaster, then the guests might start leaving before you get a chance to show your hosting skills. 

So make sure to plan an epic start for your party, like doing the "break the ice" session, disseminating mouth-watering drinks, or whatever your guests might love the most. 

2. Get Some Help

No matter how well you plan your party, you will always need the help of your friends, primarily if you have never hosted a party before. 

Try calling some friends who have thrown parties before and would be willing to help you host one too. However, don't call many people for help because too many cooks spoil the broth. 

3. Choose a Comfort Food

People love parties because of dance and food. Everyone knows what kind of drinks might be at the party, but the food makes them curious. So try to have the food that most people will like. 

You can choose comfort food based on the theme of your party. For example, you could select spider-shaped cakes for a Halloween party, but Aurora and Elsa might be more suitable if you throw a fantastic summer party. 

4. Get Lots of Drinks 

What is a party without drinks anyway? Nothing, I guess.

Drinks make your party go from boo to woohoo! You need to choose the drinks as per your guests' liking. 

If you are throwing a graduation party, most of your guests will be there to have fun and maybe get wasted by the end, so choose slightly alcoholic drinks with some non-alcoholic options. 

If your party is more laid back and mature, you must choose expensive drinks like champagne, red wine, etc. 

5. Use Chic Utensils

Everything aside, how you plan your utensils collection tells a lot about the kind of host you are. 

Using Ceramic at a graduation party is a disaster as using low-quality disposable cups at a tea party. 

Your utensils need to be according to your theme. No shoe might fit all, but if there is one, that's elegant disposable plasticware

6. Plan Theme-Based Decor

Your decor should be epic. Beautiful and according to your theme. Using some candles and balloons could do wonders for your party. 

Put together an inviting table, and half of your party's decor is done already. The rest you can do by having fairy lights and theme-based props. 

7. Make a Map And Put Signs

While doing all the apparent deeds, don't forget to make a map of your house and save it in a QR code that your guests can scan to reach their preferred destinations. 

For example, they should be able to check where the pool is without asking hundred other people who are as clueless as them. 

Put the signs on every door, helping the guests navigate your house/location easily. 

8. Pick Background Music

Don't you love parties with background music going on? So does everyone. 

Try to pick music that could enhance your party's aura and vibe. Having it in the background will help the guests enjoy your party even more. 

9. Keep The Audience Posted

You must have thought of several phases in which the party will take place (you did, right?). 

When all that is happening, make sure to help the audience find their way by making a small announcement before the end and after the start of each phase. 

10. Engage The Guests

Don't let even a single guest of yours feel left out. If you are hosting a party, you must make them have fun. 

Some fantastic ways to keep your audience engaged is by having loads of games for them, like drinking games, etc. 

Another way- always works- is by introducing your guests to each other. For example, if your two friends are dentists standing on opposite corners of the hall, you might want to introduce them to each other. 

11. Make Return Gifts

People love it when they have something after leaving a party, and it's like a token of love from you to them which helps them remember your party vividly. 

It also removes any bad memories the guest might have had at your party. 

So always make return gifts thoughtfully and don't let any guest leave empty-handed. 

12. Create Attractive Invites

After you have decided and planned everything out, choose the best date which might be easy for everyone to show up. 

A party doesn't have people; the people make up a party. So create the invites based on your themes, try to make them attractive, and disseminate them everywhere around you. 

If you want a small party, send the invites individually, but make them yourself. 

13. All's Well, the End's Well

Always ensure that your party's end is the best because the ending is the most memorable part of any party. The ending can be like glue to the cracks in your party. 

So make sure to plan it wisely. 

Tips & Tricks

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Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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