An Easy Guide to Fall Party Table Setting

An Easy Guide to Fall Party Table Setting

Milena Kukurekovic

Your party table is more than just a seating place for the guests to relax, gossip, and enjoy the delicious dinner; it's literally more than that. Your party table reflects your personality, lifestyle, and even the party concept. 

It doesn't have to be a place where the serving wares are aligned and organized; instead, they should communicate on the table to complement and reflect the beauty of every piece placed on the table. 

Suppose you are setting up a party table and inviting your favorite people. In that case, you need to make sure of all the things mentioned above, and that's what we'll discuss and explain in this blog to help you set up a fantastic fall tablescape that reflects the actual seasons' vibes at your venue. 

Why Do You Need to Follow Table Settings?

Setting up a party table might seem daunting, and you might also think about why table settings are necessary when the food is likely to taste the same.

A party table following the perfect table settings will look far more pleasant, appealing, and welcoming to the guests than the messed one. Have you ever noticed why the lights at the restaurants are warm? Apart from the aesthetics, it makes the customers feel hungry. 

The warm light directly influences part of the brain that increases your appetite. So, following the table settings and adding decorative touches will set your guests' party tone and mood. 

Type of Party Table Settings

Though, there are plenty of types of party table settings, each for specific types of events. And if we categorize them, it would be formal and informal party table settings. 

Depending on the type and what kind of party you're going to throw, choose the relevant table settings to coordinate it with the event's vibe. For example, here are the two types of party table settings you would need for the fall party. 

Casual Table Settings

Casual table settings are the perfect way to set up your party table for an informal get-together and laid-back dinner. Setting up an informal/casual party table might be daunting, but when you know how things work and which piece should go where it's a game of a few minutes. 

Instructions for Casual Table Settings

  1. Start with placing the placemats on the table overlaying the tablecloth. 
  2. Place the dinner plate in the middle of the placemats, and that's exactly where you will play around to set up individual place settings.
  3. Next, place the salad plate above the dinner plate, and if your menu includes a soup recipe, the soup bowl should go on top of the salad plate. 
  4. You can place the napkin on the dinner plate or on the left side.
  5. If you place the napkin on the left side of the plate, the fork goes on top of it, while the knife must be placed on the right closest to the plate and then the spoon next to it. 
  6. The water glass goes above the knife, and then the rest of the beverage drinkware is next to it. 

Formal Table Settings   

When it comes to the formal table settings for the fall party tablescape, it's a bit different than the casual/informal table settings. One significant difference is the charger plates that provide a more traditional and formal look to the table settings. 

If you don't know the charger plates, they're bigger than the regular dinner plate size and should be placed underneath them. This is because it never comes in direct contact with the food; instead just provides the base for the dinner plates. 

Instruction for Setting up Formal Table Settings 

  1. Place the crisp and ironed tablecloth on the table's top, lay down the charger plates for a traditional look, and place the diner plate on top. Try to match or create the contrast between the charger and dinner plates for a decorative touch.
  2. Place the salad plate on the dinner plate and the bread plate on its left side. The butter knife should be placed on the bread plate, with the tail facing the salad plate. 
  3. Both salad and dinner forks go to the left side of the dinner plate, while the dinner knife and dinner spoof are on the right, respectively. 
  4. The water glass can be placed above the dinner knife and other drinkware for beverages next time. Since the guests are most likely to drink more water than the drinks, the water glass should be closest to the dinner plate. 
  5. For the napkins for the formal table settings, stylishly fold them and place them on the salad or dinner plate. You can incorporate your table theme into the napkins for a more traditional look. 

How to Decorate Fall Party Tablescape?

Setting up the table appropriately is essential for the complete feel and the table's vibe, but a few decorative touches will enhance it even more. Choose a theme for the fall party tablescape to help set up a great party table with a uniform look. 

Perfect Fall Themed Dinnerware Idea

Since the fall is all about nature changing its color, weather, and everything in the ecosystem that makes it a fall, choosing a natural theme would be a great table theme idea. 

You can set up your theme in the garden or backyard, with a wooden table's top left without the tablecloth for a more rustic natural look. 

Lay down the eco-friendly dinnerware to create a uniform look on the table. The eco-friendly palm leaf plates have a wooden texture, making them the perfect fit for a natural theme. Smarty offers elegant and stylish eco-friendly dinnerware that also cuts the cleanup effort

Apart from the eco-friendly plates and dinnerware set, disposable eco flatware is also available, which means you don't need to source pieces separately; instead, you can get it from Smarty with a click. 

Moreover, for centerpieces, you can go with the seasonal food options for a more natural look to cooperate with the table's theme. The fall has plenty of seasonal fruits, such as apples, pumpkins, grapes, and much more. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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