Nature Keeps the Party Going

Nature Keeps the Party Going

Adding Smarty's disposable eco-friendly tableware to this year's summer celebrations will make the hosting simpler, easier, and a lot more stylish, too.


We at Smarty Had A Party, are always trying to provide you the trendiest options for your wedding reception, birthday party, baby shower, professionally catering event, holiday feast, dinner party, and every other special occasion. However, we also strive to offer you eco-friendly products, so you worry less while hosting your party. Our fabulous, all-natural, durable, and multi-functional Smarty's dinnerware, servingware, and flatware will show you that it's fun and easier than you may think to create a unique and economical party you can be proud of. With the perfect fusion of design, efficiency, and ecological sensitivity, our supreme ecoware help you deliver an amazing event and make a positive impact on all your party guests. Your guests will love the elegance of our tableware, and once you have used them, you can be sure they will become a must-have addition to your party supplies.

We present to you the Big Three: Sugarcane Bagasse, Palm Leaf, and Birchwood.


Sugarcane Bagasse

Bagasse is a plant fiber - a quite newly introduced material for tableware production. The construction is very thorough and developed to create 100% biodegradable and sustainable products. The four steps, which contain pulping, molding, drying, and in the end, edge trimming and sterilization, create a piece of tableware that is not only sturdy and useful but elegant and sophisticated. Boasting a fresh and crisp appearance, simple, clean lines, and elegant style, our line of disposable bagasse plates can be used for many different party themes. The white color design will not compete with your choice of flowers or tablecloths and can be used with silver, gold, or natural flatware. The possibilities are endless! Additionally, the plates are durable and micro-bacterial, so they will hold up all dinner long without becoming flimsy or soaking through.

Palm Leaf

Tableware made from palm leaves provides you with a naturally beautiful and functional option. For some, it may be the most fascinating material that tableware can be created from. It is made entirely from fallen palm leaves which are water-soaked and then heat-pressed after into a shape. Given the fact that palm leaves have a specific color, each of the dinnerware pieces has a kind of rustic but very unique look. And since it is manufactured using only water and heat, with no added coatings, fillers, binders, liners, wax coatings, or other additives applied at any point, our compostable dinnerware is 100% organic. As well as being disposable, palm leaf dinnerware will biodegrade in approximately 60 days, giving nutrients back to the soil.


Meet chic yet eco-friendly cutlery pieces. Our disposable flatware is made from certified solid birch wood and can break down in as little as 80 days in an industrial composting facility. It also provides ultimate durability and strength, which makes it a desirable material for flatware. Also, since birch wood is hardwood, its edges are incredibly smooth, so there's no need to worry about splinters or your food tasting like wood. Strong, smart, and sustainable, these amazing cutlery pieces will give your guests a modern and sustainable way to spear, stab, and scoop up any of your delicious party specialties.
All Smarty's partyware pieces are recyclable, biodegradable, or reusable to reduce your carbon footprint on our surrounding environment. Our fabulous collection offers you a variety of choices depending on your specific needs. So visit Smarty Had A Party, and order your favorite partyware today!
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