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Enhance your lovely table setting with these gorgeous disposable appetizer and salad plates. Take a closer look at these designs and pick your favorite one that will completely fit into your perfect wedding, birthday, or party idea.

No matter what your actual event might be, the right kind of party supplies can make or break the feeling that you're going for. Everyone has a different vibe...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose between plastic and eco-friendly plates?

It's a matter of personal preference! Plastic plates are best if you want something that looks as traditional as ceramic or porcelain. On the other hand, if you love the idea of zero waste, our disposable eco-friendly plates are your best choice.

What can I use these appetizer plates for?

You can use these as traditional salad plates, for hor oeuvres, or even as dessert plates if you want to. These plates are ready for whatever you need to put on them, and they're going to be great for when you're looking for something you can rely on for all your food needs.

Will these plates hold up to use with cutlery?

Yes! Smarty's disposable plates are durable enough to hold up to cutlery and real people using them. There is no need to be dainty or gentle. These are rugged and durable plates that will hold up long after your event is over.

How do I dispose of my plastic plates responsibly?

If you want to dispose of your plates responsibly, you'll want to rinse them off and throw them into your recycling bin. Alternatively, you can look at the idea of washing them and reusing them for a future party or just to have them in your cupboard if you need them.

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Glamorous and Unique Appetizer and Salad Plates That Meet Your Wedding Needs