Host a Luxurious Party Without the Hassle

Host a Luxurious Party Without the Hassle

Spending a pandemic subsisting on frozen food and takeout has a way of making one crave the finer things again. Combine this with the loneliness and restlessness of the past year, and it’s natural to want to share some elegance with your closest friends. You may not have forgotten how to put on a party and demonstrate a little bit of refinement (no matter how many days you spent working from home in pajama pants or gym shorts), but just how much work it can be to put on such a party may have eluded your selective memory. Not to worry—at Smarty Had a Party, we’re here to help you host a luxurious party without the hassle you choose not to remember. Here’s how.

Keep Appetizers Sophisticated but Simple

Great hors d’oeuvres are crucial to an elegant soiree. If they weren’t so important, we wouldn’t bother to use the French term—we’d probably just call them “li’l munchies.” You can do more than lay out a bag of potato chips to whet your guests’ appetites while still not agonizing too much over something that’s not even the main course. Bacon, croissant dough, and some delicious cheeses can come together to make convenient but delicious appetizers.

Choose a Low-Maintenance Entrée

Speaking of that main course, a big part of planning a perfect party is getting the dinner right. With so much to do before the party starts and once your guests arrive, you may not want to settle on a dish that’s going to command much of your attention. Low and slow cooking means you can get your cooking out of the way early, letting time, marinades, and a sealed vessel do the rest. Once the province of peasant cuisine, the nuances of slow cooking are perfect for a more luxurious palate. Best of all, slow-cooked roasts and chicken dishes taste just as if you’ve been laboring over them all day!

Don’t Give Yourself Delicate Dishes to Wash

We’re not suggesting that you throw a party whose theme is “raised by wolves” and have everyone eat without plates, glasses, or cutlery. That’s an idea for another time—maybe a first-birthday celebrant will come up with that one themselves. No, instead, we suggest that you stow the fine china and crystal for another time and embrace single-use dinnerware for your one-night gala. Our collections of disposable plastic party plates are perfect for connoting dinner party luxury without the labor. Simply clear your post-party table settings directly to the trash (or recycle bin, if you give them a quick rinse) rather than carefully cleaning them by hand lest the dishwasher ruins them. You can indeed host a luxurious party without the hassle—just don’t be afraid to send a durable and attractive dinner plate to the garbage. That, after all, is the point.

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