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Your guests are counting on you to create something that will be refined, fashionable, and elegant. So, factor that into every option you can for your celebration. For serving and table settings, our products are beautiful, stylish, and biodegradable. Hosting an elegant yet sustainable wedding or dinner party calls for selections from our eco-friendly serving-ware collection that will really surpass your guests' expectations.

The woodgrain look of pressed palm-leaf plates, bowls, and trays gives each table...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this palm leaf serving ware for liquids?

Yes, these eco-friendly bowls and palm leaf trays are designed to hold up to use with liquids. This includes soup, creamy pasta, ice cream, and more. They won't disintegrate or soften or buckle with these liquids. Of course, the bowls will degrade over time, as this is their purpose. But this will not happen within the timeframe of your event!

Are splinters possible from the grain of eco-friendly disposable serving pieces?

This is an excellent question, and the answer is "no"! Our palm leaf serving ware may look like wood grain, but it isn't. This means there is no possibility of splinters when you eat your meal. These are safe for scraping, cutting, and more, with no concern for the chance of splinters.

Are there any chemicals used in eco-friendly serving ware?

These are naturally made and processed, so they do not contain any kind of chemical binders or preservatives to help them stay strong against liquids. As a result, these are food-safe, with no concern about anything leaching into your hot or cold foods as you serve and enjoy them. They are safe and recommended for those with chemical sensitivities for this reason.

Are these serving ware pieces sourced and created responsibly?

From their origin to your table, they are sourced responsibly. They are made from fast-growing and fast-decomposing palm leaves. Collected from naturally fallen leaves, they are steamed, pressed, molded, and sealed into the shapes you see. There is no processing or chemicals. Everything about the production process is natural, ethical, and responsible so that you know you have made a good choice from start to finish.

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