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When planning a gathering, your guests anticipate an experience of refinement, fashion, and elegance. Embrace these qualities in every aspect of your event, especially regarding serving and table settings. Our eco-friendly serving ware is not only beautiful and stylish but also biodegradable, making it perfect for hosting an elegant and sustainable wedding or dinner party that will exceed your guests' expectations.

Our selection of eco-friendly bowls, plates, and trays with a woodgrain look, crafted from pressed palm...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these palm leaf serving pieces for liquids?

Absolutely! These eco-friendly bowls and palm leaf trays are designed to easily handle liquids. Whether it's soup, creamy pasta, ice cream, or any other liquid-based dish, rest assured that they won't disintegrate, soften, or buckle under the weight. While these bowls have a natural degradation process, they won't occur during your event.

Is there a risk of splinters from the grain of eco-friendly disposable serving pieces? 

You won't have to worry about splinters with our palm leaf serving ware. Despite its wood-like appearance, these pieces are splinter-free, ensuring a safe dining experience. Feel free to use them for scraping, cutting, and more without concerns about potential splinters.

Do eco-friendly serving ware items contain any chemicals?

No, our serving ware is entirely chemical-free. These products are crafted through a natural and chemical-free process, without using binders or preservatives. This makes them completely food-safe, so you can serve hot or cold dishes without worrying about substances leaching into your food. They are an excellent choice for individuals with chemical sensitivities.

Are these serving ware pieces responsibly sourced and produced? 

Absolutely! From their origin to your table, our serving ware is sourced and created responsibly. Made from fast-growing palm leaves that have naturally fallen, they undergo steaming, pressing, molding, and sealing to achieve their final shapes. This production process is natural, ethical, and environmentally responsible, ensuring you've made a conscientious choice from start to finish.

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