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If your love for the planet is as deep-rooted as your desire for stylish and functional partyware, Smarty's eco collection of dinner plates is your perfect choice. Crafted from naturally shed palm leaves, these plates are unique, environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and fully compostable. With Smarty, you can make conscious choices in every aspect of your party decor without sacrificing style or functionality.

What sets these plates apart is their genuine originality. Each leaf used to create them boasts distinct grains...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can these plates find a second purpose? 

These plates embrace a dual life by serving your guests with elegance and charm and then seamlessly transitioning to nourish your compost bin. These plates become the perfect organic ingredient for those looking to enrich their upcoming garden!

Are these plates prone to wear and tear from liquids and cutlery? 

While these plates exude a lightweight and sophisticated appearance, they are, in fact, incredibly robust. They withstand the rigors of hot and cold liquids and heavy, creamy dishes. Crafted as professional-grade dinnerware, they effortlessly combine durability with chic aesthetics.

How can I incorporate wood grain into my decor scheme? 

There exist various methods for infusing wood grain aesthetics into your decor scheme. A recommended approach is introducing wood accents elsewhere, such as in your choice of cutlery or floral arrangements. This harmonious blend will create a perfect match. Alternatively, let the wood-like appearance of these plates take center stage as the standout feature of your table setting. After all, a dinner plate naturally assumes the role of the main attraction!

Can I safely freeze or heat my palm-leaf plates? 

Indeed, you have the flexibility to heat and freeze your palm leaf plates, especially when dealing with leftovers. However, exercise caution when using the microwave to avoid bending or buckling. Also, during freezing, be mindful not to extend beyond eight weeks, as prolonged exposure may lead to liquid absorption into the palm leaf, in line with their biodegradable nature.

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