How to Set Up an Adorable Dessert Station

Milena Kukurekovic
Yummy in my tummy! This is just the thought you get once you think of dessert. Whether you are planning a wedding, birthday party, holiday feast, or there is a family get-together in a couple of days, there is no doubt that desserts will sweeten up your festivity. And since being inventive and creative is essential for making your menu stand out, use Smarty's phenomenal dessert plasticware, and set the dessert station that will surely be the most frequented spot of the night.

How to Set Up an Adorable Birthday Dessert Station


Step 1: Put the chocolate fountain and drink dispenser (hopefully you got from your wedding registry), along with some adorable appetizer/dip bowls. Combine those with the trays and the dessert stand, and you have the setup for this Peach, Gold & Tiffany blue dessert station.
Step 2: Use wrapping paper as a quick and easy disposable table runner that not only looks cute but protects your buffet from dripping chocolate.
Step 3: Peach, white and gold tissue paper fans over a Tiffany blue backdrop make the perfect decorative accent for a dessert station. Create hand-made paper fans and string them from the ceiling with a fishing line in front of a Tiffany blue curtain.
Step 4: A peach champagne punch drink station goes right along with a peach, gold, and Tiffany blue party palette.  Make a delicious champagne punch with peach Verdi sparkling wine, strawberry lemonade, ginger ale, peach Izze and floating peach slices as garnish.
Step 5: Create a cute birthday sign with an old silver serving tray and chalkboard paint. 
Step 6: Create the s'mores station. Fill a serving bowl with coffee beans and place a Sterno in the middle, pushing it down just a little. When you light the Sterno, it will also heat the coffee beans and create a fragrant coffee aroma. 
Using pink candy melts with a white chocolate fountain, guests could make adorable marshmallow pops or chocolate-dipped s'mores.
Step 7: Create a wine bar using an old nightstand, pulling out the drawers and hold the wine glasses.
Step 8: Use wrapping paper to create a DIY birthday banner.
Sweets and desserts come in all shapes and sizes, so why shouldn't their cups be too? Smarty Had A Party offers dessert cups, bowls, and mini flatware to make any treat look even more appetizing than it already is. Our mini dessert bowls come in an assortment of sizes and styles, square, triangular, and even hexagonal, which is excellent for serving anything from parfaits, sorbets, sundaes, mousse, liquor, bomb shots, wine tastings, sauces, small candies, and more! And do not worry about breakage or washing after use - our disposable plastic dessert cups will not only let you relax and have time with your guests but also will bring an adorable set up at any meal.
And that's not all - we have excellent news for you - it's CYBER WEEK Smarties, so it's the perfect time to check for beautiful partyware to complement your party at Smarty Had A Party!
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