What Is a Perfect Table Centerpiece?

What Is a Perfect Table Centerpiece?

Milena Kukurekovic

If you are about to plan an event, you are most likely to use the centerpiece for the table decor. 

Centerpieces are a big part of any decoration, and people often underestimate or neglect the beauty they bring to any setting. 

The luxury event with the appropriate color scheme, lights and balloons, and everything can stand out if added fitting appropriate to the settings. They can make a massive difference in any setting.

However, you may be confused about having or creating the perfect centerpiece for your event decor. Well, here's an extensive guide we have put up together to help you decide on it. 

Consider the Shape of the Table

When deciding on the centerpieces, you must first pay attention to the party tables you will be using them with. The shape of the table really matters and can make a huge difference. The most common shapes of the tables are rectangles, squares, and circles. 

Remember, every centerpiece is for table shape; that's why you may consider learning about the table's science to create perfect centerpieces. You don't need to search google again to find the ideal centerpieces according to your table's specifications. 

Here we have created a list of the most used table shapes that'll mostly be seen at the venue. 

Round Table

Round tables require one centerpiece as they're considerably compared to the other shapes, and you want to place other things, too, like serving wares and tissue boxes. However, you can use the large centerpiece as it won't block their viewing angle while gossiping. 

Square Table

This shape of the tables has more space in the center area. Therefore, you can utilize the center area of the table to place decorative pieces and centerpieces. You can even use the green garland as the runner for the refreshing look on your table. 

However, one thing you should consider taking care of while playing is placing the centerpiece on the square table so that the centerpieces won't block the guests' view. 

Rectangle Table

The rectangular table is pretty significant in size compared to other tables' shapes. You may want to use multiple centerpieces as the single one would make it look empty. 

The trick to using the centerpiece on the rectangle table is placing the large ones in the center and the smaller ones on the end of the table. But, first, make sure you have left enough room for the place settings. 

Budget-Friendly Centerpieces

Sometimes, when you have to spend on the other arrangements for the event, you might get budget tight. Well, there are plenty of budget-friendly centerpieces which only require some creativity and effort to create. 

When spending on centerpieces, you may feel comfortable spending on flowers as they are the most inexpensive centerpieces on the market. The best place to get the flowers is nearby farmer's markets.

Buying local flowers isn't just easy but also a budget-friendly option as you won't have to pay additional taxes on the imported ones. The fresh blooms from your garden can also be used to create enchanting centerpieces. 

When hunting the flowers for your event, you should go for the seasonal ones because they are fresh and budget-friendly. 

Spring Seasonal Flowers 

Spring is the season of flowers, and you'll find the most beautiful ones with great fragrances at this time. If your event is going to take place in the spring, consider getting the lilacs, daffodils, tulips, and peonies.

Summer Seasonal Flowers

You're likely to get the best flowers in the summer, as that's when they bloom at their peak. However, there are plenty of options in the summer flowers that you can use to create some enchanting centerpieces. Depending on your area, you can get daisies, roses, lilies, freesia, asters, lavender, and snapdragon in the summer. 

Fall Seasonal Flowers

At this time of the year, there is less blooming, but there are still some fall seasonal flower options. The famous fall seasonal flowers that you can get to create centerpieces. Sunflowers, asters, chrysanthemums, mums, apples, and pumpkins can create decorative pieces for parties. 

Winter Seasonal Flowers

The winter is one of the most challenging times for the flowers, but fortunately, there are still some beautiful blooms in the winter, some of which are; poinsettias and holly.

How Tall Should a Centerpiece Be? 

When creating centerpieces for your tablescape, you might want to know how tall a centerpiece for the table is? It shouldn't be tall enough to block guests' view. However, to be precise with the length of the centerpieces, 30 is the standard length of the centerpiece.

Moreover, you can still go a few inches ahead; 32 to 36 inches will create a perfect centerpiece on the table. 

Should All Your Centerpieces Match?

Generally, the sky's the limit for creativity, and if you are coming up with something that really stands out in the scene, you shouldn't care about it. However, the straightforward answer to the question of should all your centerpieces match is; NO. 

You don't need all the centerpieces that coordinate and run throughout your decorations and the event's color scheme. Instead, you can mix and match the colors, textures, and palettes that create a variation in your decorations. 

Even considering creating contrast can make things stand out and can add a unique flair to the decorations. For instance, if you have mini cutlery of red, you can create a contrast with the flower centerpiece on the table. 

Consider creating contrast between the centerpieces and serving wares on the table. Can't find some fancy and vibrant colored serving wares? Smarty had a party has covered you with elegant mini-party supplies in various colors and designs. 

We have everything that can be used to create contrast, from mini appetizer plates to mini plastic cups, mini dinner sets, and mini cutlery. So look around and get the best serving wares to contrast with the centerpieces.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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