The Benefits of Plastic Drinkware

The Benefits of Plastic Drinkware

As you host your parties this summer, it’s important to keep your guests hydrated—using the term loosely. For the task of holding a variety of drinks over the course of a long day (and night), what you have on hand may not be up to the task. Fortunately, single-use drinkware can come in and pinch-hit for your everyday sets. Don’t worry about the connotation of plastic here—the benefits of plastic drinkware make this single-use switch worth it.

Perfect For Traveling

Not every summer get-together fits on your own lot. Perhaps you’re planning a party so big that your own backyard can’t contain the guest list. If you’re going off the premises for your party, your cups and glasses shouldn’t have to make the trip with you. Packing up your champagne flutes and wine glasses is a lot of extra hassle, especially considering how prone they are to shattering at some point along the way anyway. If you’re making this party a home game away from home, plastic drinkware can accomplish everything glassware can—but disposably and durably, too.

A Deterrent to Detergent

That disposability isn’t something we want from most home goods, but it can be a welcome relief after a party. Whether the dishwasher is footsteps away or miles away, you won’t have to load it with dozens of glasses from a day’s worth of revelry. Many of those champagne flutes, made from very thin glass, are hand-wash only. Plus, the most serious wine connoisseurs will recommend that you never once send wine glasses through the dishwasher, where detergent residue will irreparably ruin the taste of everything they contain. Even if you’re only serving soft drinks at your event, why waste water and energy on reusable drinkware?


That use of water and energy brings us to our next point on the benefits of plastic drinkware. We as a nation produce too much garbage. Our trash comes in many forms, but plastic would appear to be predominant. Whenever you can send plastic to the recycling plant, keeping it out of the ground and reducing the need for processing fresh petroleum, that’s a good thing. Opting for disposable plastic drinkware from Smarty Had a Party presents a golden—well, plastic—opportunity to reduce some of our resource use and make a stealthily sustainable decision in setting up our parties.

Unmatched Aesthetics

Plastic drinkware has come a long way since the days of the ridged red Solo cup. Our arrays of standard glasses, tumblers, champagne flutes, highball glasses, and wine goblets use strong and crystal-clear plastic that looks like glass at a glance and feels just as right in your hand. We even offer durable plastic coffee mugs for that post-dessert pick-me-up. Without casting aspersions on the contents of your own cupboards, it’s quite possible that these disposable options look even better.

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