Make Jello in a Plastic Bowl

Make Jello in a Plastic Bowl

Milena Kukurekovic

We loved jello in our childhood; whenever there was a timeless appetite, our mom used Jello gelatin. However, you might consider this recipe silly, as it's already mentioned on its packaging. But what about those who don't spend much time in the kitchen?

Whether you are making jello for the first time or not used to kitchen things, this guide will help you make jello in a plastic bowl. 

Guide to Making Jello in a Plastic Bowl

Though making your own jello is simple, there are a few techniques that one should know while making to be perfect. Don't worry; we'll make it pretty simple for you with tips and tricks.

Can You Make Jello in a Plastic Bowl?

There are many internet forums with threads asking, will jello work in plastic bowl? Yes, you can make the Jello in a plastic bowl, and there's no reason to even think about it if you are making your jello in a plastic bowl. As long as you know the right way to make it, you can't go wrong making jello in a plastic bowl. 

However, many recipe guides on the internet suggest making it in a glass bowl, but what if you have disposable plastic bowls from Smarty Had a Party that look exactly like a glass one? You can't go wrong if you use a sturdy and firm container to make jello. 

There's one tip you should keep in mind: the bowl's color matters. Prefer making the jello in a black plastic bowl, as black is the color that catches heat and will keep the jello firmly warm. 

Step-By-Step Instructions for Making Jello in a Plastic Bowl

Jello is a bit of a sensitive recipe. But, as you start making it, the progress will be pretty fast. So, before you proceed to the actual making process, ensure you have all the required equipment and ingredients ready. 

Ingredients You'll Need to Make Jello:

  • Gelatin Jello Mix of any flavor of your choice
  • Warm water 
  • Cold water

The gelatin will make jello gel in a plastic bowl. If you want to add a little more taste, you'll need some lemon juice, 1 cup of strawberries, three tablespoons of sugar, and honey. You can replace the honey with coconut powder as per your choice and convenience. 

Serving Wares and Tools You'll Need for Making Jello

  • Plastic serving ware: disposable bowl
  • Spatula (if a spatula is not available, the regular spoon will be fine)
  • Saucepan
  • Glass measuring cup to measure the precise amount of water

How to Make a Jello?

  1. Add hulled strawberries to the plastic serving bowl, squeeze lemon juice on it, and add gelatin jello mix.
  2. Pour 1 cup of boiling water on all the ingredients and stir them to make a mixture. Keep stirring it until the gelatin jello mix is dissolved in the water. It might take a while to dissolve.
  3. Add a cup of cold water when the mixture starts getting slightly thicker.
  4. Once thoroughly mixed into the water, you can set the jello in a plastic bowl in a refrigerator. Let it sit in there for at least an hour.

Tips for Making Jello Set Faster

You might want to set the jello set by putting it in the freezer right off the bat you made it. However, it's not an effective way to do so, and will jello gel in plastic bowl make it watery.

If you want to speed up the jello setting process, the effective way is to put your plastic serving bowl of gelatin jello mix in ice-cold water. Then, stir the bowl in the cold water and ensure the water doesn't get inside the container while dipping it in water.

Setting Your Jello in a Plastic Bowl in a Refrigerator

If you are curious about it, can you set jello in a plastic bowl in a refrigerator? The answer is yes. Once the temperature of the jello cools down, it becomes firm and doesn't stick to your hands. It means it's ready to be put into the refrigerator for further improvements. Put the plastic bowl of jello in the fridge for 30 to 70 minutes.

How to Customize Your Jello

If you are making jello for the kids or the party guests, you should decorate and customize it to make it look appealing to the eyes. There are plenty of ways you can customize your jello. For example, you can use different fruits to add colors and vibrancy, such as adding strawberries, banana slices, blueberries, and any fruit cut into little cubes to make the jello stand out.

How to Prevent Your Jello From Sticking to the Plastic

Your jello sticks to the plastic bowl or whatever container you are using. Using a slight amount of oil is the simplest trick to prevent it from sticking to the plastic bowl. Layer the bowl with the cooking oil. The amount of the oil has to be very slightly.

How to Get Jello Out of Plastic Bowls

If your jello is stuck to the plastic bowl, or you want to simply get it off from it to serve on a plate, the effective way is to get a large plastic bowl filled with water. Then, put the plastic bowl filled with the jello in the large water bowl and leave it for 5 minutes. 

After 5 minutes, turn it upside down, and it'll fall off easily. You can do it in the kitchen sink if you don't have a large plastic bowl.

Customizing Your Jello to Make It More Exciting

You can customize your jello to make it look more exciting, mainly when serving the kids. Using the different shapes of molds is the best way to make it look appealing. However, there are plenty of different ways other than using molds. 

You can garnish your jello, sprinkle it, and add more fruity stuff to make it taste more delicious. For further customization ideas, Pinterest is a great platform to get inspiration for your jello customization. 

Serving Jello in a Plastic Serving Bowl

Making a delicious recipe is one step and serving it elegantly is the second. For example, serve jello salad in plastic serving bowl from the Smarty Had a Party. The fancy and elegant plastic serving bowl won't only provide you with a hassle-free cleanup but will also leave your serving style. 

Buy Fancy Disposable Plastic Bowls for Parties at Smarty Had a Party

Whether you're making plenty of jello for the party guests or frequently making it for the kids, disposable plastic bowls are the best way to serve it. Since disposable plastic serving ware bowls are supposed to be discarded, you won't have to spend your time washing or cleaning them.

Smarty Had a Party is an online superstore that offers disposable serving wares from fancy and elegant disposable plastic bowls to plastic drinking glassesdisposable plates, and everything that'll complete your party table


Can I use a plastic bowl instead of a jelly mould?

Yes, you can definitely use the plastic bowl instead of jelly mold; you have to be a little creative to make your jello look appealing and gorgeous. 

Will jello set in a plastic container?

If you aren't missing the steps, the jello will easily be set in the plastic container or bowl. 

Is it safe to make jello in a plastic container?

Making jello in a plastic container is completely safe if you use BPA-free plastic containers like the plastic bowl from the Smarty Had a Party.

Can I put jello in a plastic serving bowl?

You can make, customize and serve the plastic serving bowl. It's just like the real serving bowl but has some practical benefits. Such as easy cleanup, budget-friendly and durable. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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