5 Tips for an Outstanding, Sustainable Party

5 Tips for an Outstanding, Sustainable Party

Milena Kukurekovic

Summer and spring are one of the favorite seasons to throw endless parties. From barbecue parties to memorial day, the 4th of July, and birthday parties, all are the excuses to enjoy the summer seasons.

Throwing parties is a fun activity and the ultimate source of socializing with your favorite people, but throwing endless parties also generates tons of waste and trash. In the event planning industry, there's been the hustle and bustle regarding eco-friendly events for the past few years. 

It seems more and more people are getting aware of the consequences of the waste generated by the parties. Therefore, to save our planet and have our environment sustainable, the eco-friendly party is a way to do so. 

We have curated a list of 5 tips to help you throw an outstanding and sustainable party. 

1 - Choose Sustainable Tableware

At the parties, one of the most significant sources of waste comes from serving wares. This serving waste ends in landfills and disrupts the planet's natural environment. 

The event planning industry is involved with the time as the consequences of the waste ending up in the landfills are emerging speedily and can be seen in our daily routine. Global warming is one real-time example of it.

Such waste produced at the parties using disposable tableware can be minimized by adapting the other alternatives. Eco-friendly party supplies work great when it comes to sustainable tableware options. 

They are made of palm leaves that are gathered, compressed, and then molded into different shapes to form the serving wares. Get compostable and biodegradable eco-friendly dinnerware set from the "Smarty had a Party" in various designs and styles. 

Whether it's about square palm leaf plates, eco-friendly cutlery sets, rustic palm leaf trays, or eco-friendly bowls, we have everything your guests need while having a meal at your party, catered event, or special occasion. 

2 - Sustainable Party Theme/ Decorations

When it comes to party decorations, they are also the most significant source of waste. Of course, skipping party decorations is not mandatory, but they can be replaced with other sustainable options to provide nice touches to your party space. 

Instead of going with the traditional decor balloons, go for the biodegradable ones. They can easily be sourced locally or from online superstores. Similarly, use the flowers to add a seasonal touch to your event instead of using the confetti.  

Use garlands, paper chains, banners, pom poms made of tissue paper, and honeycomb balls to give nice touches to your party space. Also, look for sustainable theme party ideas online to get inspiration and make your party stand out even while going green. 

Moreover, if you have enough time and a thoughtful mind, go for crafting to create a party decor. Try DIY projects to create epic sustainable party decor at home. 

Here are some of the ideas you can decorate your party eco-friendly:

  • Use natural elements like rocks, seashells from the sea, flowers, and tree branches from your garden. 
  • Repurpose the decor you have previously used for the other events. 
  • Add vibrancy to your party color scheme by putting candies on display. 

3 - Party Favors ideas

We know party favors are everyone's favorite, but they make the world an unhealthy place for us by producing waste in landfills. Furthermore, party favors can be easily skipped, as they are an unnecessary tradition. 

However, if you don't like your guests leaving the party empty-handed, think about providing them with eco-friendly gifts or raising awareness about going green. Then, google it up to find eco-friendly ways to provide your guest's party favors.

Here are some of the helpful eco-friendly party favor ideas:

  • Give your gifts plants or plant seeds as a party favor.
  • Do DIY projects and create thoughtful gifts for your guests. Pinterest is an excellent platform for inspiration for DIY projects that coordinate your party theme. 
  • Crafting is also an excellent way to make creative and thoughtful gifts for your guests.
  • Give them something edible like delicious cookies or anything you feel proud of cooking. 
  • Use paper wrappings, bags, or boxes instead of plastic packaging for a party favor. 

4 - Consider the Saving the Energy & Water

To go green, adopting sustainable energy sources is also part of it. Day by day, the freshwater is decreasing, and saving it should be the top priority. For example, tons of water is used for washing and cleaning at restaurants' kitchen and household levels. 

This water can be saved by adopting the serving ware that decreases the chances of producing an after-party mess. Eco-friendly party supplies are a great alternative to minimize the after-party mess. The best part is; that eco-friendly party serving wares also come in a disposable form that lets you speed up the clean-up process while going green. 

Moreover, take sustainable measures to save energy, install LED bulbs as they are energy efficient, turn off the unnecessary lights and make sure to use the minimum lights, and turn off AC if anyone isn't sitting there. 

5 - Rethink Your Food Menu

The food menu is also a necessary part of the event that should be based on sustainable ingredients. Minimize the use of meat and dairy as they are the most significant contributors to greenhouse gas.

The greenhouse gasses and methane gas are produced during livestock digestion. Methane and greenhouse gasses are responsible for the global warming issue. By cutting off the use of dairy products and meat, the emission of these harmful gasses can be minimized.

If throwing a party without the meat dishes doesn't excite you, use it at a minimum quantity and try to go for the other alternatives. Similarly, go for the seasonal fruits and vegetables and rely on the locally produced goods. 

The imported goods contain carbon footprints and discourage local business.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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