Top 10 Wedding Cakes Trends

Top 10 Wedding Cakes Trends

Milena Kukurekovic

Everyone looks forward to the pretty and delicious wedding cake on your big day. It is a beautiful way to cap off any wedding feast, and for many guests, it may even count among the event's most delightful moments. 

If you tie your knot in 2022, you must plan your wedding menu. And while an impressive meal is being prepared, a fabulous wedding cake is the only suitable way to end the event.

No one calls it a party without a cake. Wedding cake is one thing that will never go out of trend, even though wedding trends are changing every year.

These days, wedding cakes don't always need to be extra, costly, and multi-tiered. Instead, plan some essential desserts served in disposable cake plates and add personalized touches to the cake designed by the newlyweds. 

In recent years, wedding cakes are getting smaller and unique. To fulfill new couples' customized and distinctive cake requirements, cake designers introduce various shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and ingredients. Check out Ten of these incredible wedding cake themes that we think will be trendy in 2022. 

1. Edible Pressed Floral Cake

In 2021 and 2022, edible flowers are expected to be a significant wedding cake trend. Not made of fondant, sugar, or chocolate, but real blooms. We highly recommend adopting this style if you're planning a garden wedding because we adore how they appear crushed into the delicious buttercream.

We have seen an increase in the use of pretty, natural flowers on cakes and other sweet delights. And in 2022, this pattern will continue. They are ideal for many types of weddings, including fairytale garden weddings and boho weddings.

2. It's All In The Little Details

Couples don't need to spend money on lavish, multi-layered cakes because private and smaller gatherings are becoming more common. Instead, they must choose more miniature cakes with one or two layers. 

Instead, couples who prefer the classic cake cutting experience with disposable cake cutters can celebrate the memorable occasion with a small dessert.

3. Pearl Cake-The Prettiest Of All

Do you want something to make your gorgeous cake seem like it came from a magical fairy tale? Choose patterns with white pearls. Choose a bright color like rusted gold or yellow gold if you want your cake to look elegant. Choosing edible glitters will give your cake some luxury. Use a pearl bead maker instead of manually piping each pearl to the very same size.

4. Boho Wedding Cake

These cakes are perfect for casual, less traditional wedding ceremonies. It's a chance to play with different wedding cake styles, especially shapes, and create something entirely creative. Boho cakes can be decorated with unusual items like wafers, cameo, feathers, or dried lavenders. They can also be made entirely of buttercream or sugar paste. You can serve boho cakes in plastic dessert bowls to make them look nicer.

5. Trendy Rustic Cakes

Weddings in the gardens or farms go best with rustic wedding cakes since they tend to be so natural. The cakes can be entirely plain, or the thinnest icing can be poured over them. 

Then the cakes are topped with fresh flowers, berries, vines, and greenery. Rustic cakes are attractive because they have a homey appearance and seem like they may have been made by your mother or grandmother. 

6. Delicious Cake With Gold Details

Wedding cakes with gold details have a rich, luxurious feel. Homemade paper flowers of your favorite color, from light pastels to dark, look good with gold. Moreover, gold cake ideas are pretty adaptable and suit both summer and fall and weddings.

Gold leaf cakes, beaded gold cakes, glitter gold cakes, rose gold cakes, and cracked gold cakes all display the wide variety and versatility of gold details on wedding cakes. 

The choices for cake designs are limitless for somebody who likes gold.

7. Geometric Cakes Always Standout

Wedding cakes with geometric shapes are becoming more popular. They suit the tastes of young couples with their structured designs and attractive, sharp lines. Symmetrical patterns also look great on cakes.

Likewise, many cake designers incorporate pretty diagonal lines and cubic patterns. 

8. Hand-Painted Art Never Goes Wrong!

Couples never compromise on the details, even with only a few guests and minimalist venues. 

Cake design is one thing newlyweds will pay more attention to. As a result, the demand for handmade art is predicted to rise. This is also beneficial for those who want to complement the cake design with the rest of the tableware for weddings. Handmade art gives off vintage feels and is perfect for creating your favorite designs on the cake. You can do this yourself or take the help of a professional baker.

9. Statement All-white Wedding Cake

Monochrome cakes produce a basic yet unique and artistic appearance. For example, a white wedding cake looks royal when decorated with white or gold pearls.

We always giggle when we see buttercream with ruffles on the cake. A monochromatic wedding cake features five tiers of ruffles, all encased in a bed of flowers and cream. Lift the yummy cake slices with plastic cake lifters and serve on the beautiful pastry plates.

10. Sequins Cake Design

Hundreds of hand-punched, tasty sequins can be carefully hand-set on your chosen buttercream cake. Picking black color for the sequins would be perfect. Olive oil cake with a blood orange curd filling and vanilla cake with caramel buttercream work well when it comes to layering the cake. 

When you can have all the colors, why pick just one? You can cover all the tiers with edible flowers to give them a pretty look.

For your ease, we have narrowed down the most popular cake designs for 2022 to just a few. All that's left to do is make a reservation with the ideal baker who can make the cake you want. Bless yourself with the prettiest and most delicious cake on your big day.


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