10 Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

10 Ways to Celebrate Veterans Day

Milena Kukurekovic

Veterans Day is a time to honor the men and women who have served in the United States military. It's also an excellent opportunity to show your gratitude for their service by throwing a party in their honor! 

On 11 November 1918, the treaty was signed to cease the war, later known as World War I. This day is celebrated as Veterans day every year to pay tribute and be thankful to the military members who survived the war. 

Make sure not to confuse it with Memorial Day; both are different by concept and date. Memorial day is celebrated in memory of the military members who died in the war, while Veterans day is to pay tribute to the current living or who passed after surviving the war. 

If you are running out of ideas; on how to celebrate Veterans Day. Here's the list of 10 ideas to honor Veterans Day.

1. Spend Time with the Veterans

The best and simplest way to spend Veterans Day is to sit down and talk with the Veteran's family or themselves. We all know at least one military family, and finding the Veterans of war isn't a big deal. 

Plan a time to spend with them, and take a gift with yourself to tribute. The kind thing you can do is to hug them and say thank you for their services that gave us the ultimate freedom. Talk to them about the service they have provided. 

Instead of asking them about the war, go for something that wouldn't make them uncomfortable. For instance, you can ask them; what was the best moment of their service in the military, what motivated them to join the military services, and how proud they feel about Veterans day. 

2. Invite them to Your Place

Another great way to celebrate Veterans Day is to invite the Veterans or their family to your plan. You can invite them by sending a party invitation. Dress up your house with patriotic decor by incorporating Red, Blue, and White colors in the theme. 

Don't forget to embellish the tables with patriotic decor by spreading the red, blue, and white tablecloth or going with the plan one of each color. Use the patriotic plastic serving ware that would complement your patriotic party's theme for a special touch. 

Smarty Had a Party offers a wide range of elegant, patriotic disposable serving bowlsserving trays for parties, and disposable serving platters.

3. Visit a Museum

On the veteran day, national museums all over the country offer free entry. Pay a visit to the state museum to learn about its history. If you have kids, it's the best way to get them a close insight into historical events. 

4. Send out Care Package

If you want to go the extra mile while celebrating veterans day, remembering the ones serving abroad is a great way to make them realize we haven't forgotten them. Prepare the care boxes, wrap them with fancy covers and send them abroad for the soldiers. 

If you don't know anyone serving away from the country, you can contact the nearest base; they'll surely get them to the desired ones. 

5. Donate or Help Veterans

Another act of kindness you can do to the Veterans in this era of inflation is to support the needy. Many organizations take donations and care packages to help veterans in need by providing them with financial assistance, housing, and job placements.

If you know someone personally in the community belonging to the Veterans family, you can help them directly. Gather care packages or financial support from the community to help them. Of course, the best thing you can do for them is to arrange their job placements, which will go a long way. 

6. Volunteer

If donating anything isn't suitable in your case, consider volunteering yourself to the organizations working on the veterans to help them. You can ask your friends to participate and spend the day volunteering to support and thank the veterans. 

7. Make the Kids Learn about Veterans Day

Kids are the country's future; making them learn the significance of our history is the ultimate investment. So whether you're a parent, teacher, or team coach, arrange the activity for the kids to teach them historical events, such as via video lecture. 

Kids usually know it's Veterans day but don't know the actual cause and its significance. Teaching them will let them know the day's importance so they can share sympathy and humbleness with the war veterans. 

8. Send the Card 

The veteran day is about showing the love, care, and support of the veterans and one serving in the military. And cards have always been an excellent option for showing love and support. 

Download the different unique and elegant patterns for cards and print them out. Then, fill the cards with something that'll deliver the message that we back, as a nation, appreciate an effort and service to the country. 

9. Record a Video Message 

If sending out the card isn't possible, consider recording a video message to show love and support for the military members and veterans. You can gather the kids or family members to record the video message and send the one serving and protecting the country. 

10. Visit the Retirement House

If you couldn't find the war veterans anywhere, you would definitely find them in the retirement house. Arrange a celebration party at a retirement house for the veterans and spend a day celebrating their day with them. 

You can listen to their fascinating stories about historical events and ask them what it was like to fight for the country in the war. You'll definitely get to listen to some fantastic and encouraging stories giving you goosebumps that'll make you realize what freedom costs. 

We shared the 10 simplest ideas on how to celebrate veterans day. Though there are plenty of ideas to celebrate it, we think the best way is to throw a party and have the veterans gathered at your place. 

Cook the delicious food, dress up your home and decorate the table with unique and elegant plastic serving ware like the Smarty Had a Party.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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