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Rustic Winter White Setting

As we rap up the year and begin to make the transition into a new one, ours is to share a few winter party inspirations. These rustic pieces can also ease  you into Spring and Summer when surrounded by green moss instead of snow. 

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Casual Settings For Rehearsal Dinners

Planning a rehearsal dinner can be a stressful task, but The Sun Herald suggests that one way to organize the event without too much stress is by planning a laid-back meal. A fun and casual environment will encourage guests to open up to each other more than a formal dinner,comma and will often be more economical.

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Tradition At Your Wedding - Friend Or Foe?

Along with so many nations, cultures, tribes and religions, comes the greatest possible variety of traditions that people practice all over the world. If you’re about to go “crazy in love” and starting to plan your big day, what you need to figure out as soon as possible is which are dos and don’ts and what is it you want or not.

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How Important Does It Sound?

We often put it aside when talking about the important things in life but music is kind of an unavoidable part of our lives. It’s simply everywhere: in the morning during our coffee, during work, we sing in the shower, we play it when alone in order not to feel lonely, and we play it when around people just to lighten up the party. Therefore, we may say, our whole life is a playlist of different songs.

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Finding a Unique Location For Your Wedding

The Business Courier recently reported that engaged couples are embracing a new trend and opting to get married in non-traditional venues, such as arts galleries or museums, so that the event is memorable and unique.

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