How to Arrange a Boho Themed Table Setting?

How to Arrange a Boho Themed Table Setting?

A Boho or a Bohemian style is a personal, unconventional, and rule-breaking style of decorating a living space. If you are a person who wants homes full of life and original items for the world to see, the Boho-themed party is perfect for you. The aesthetics of a Boho party contradicts the modern delicacy and welcomes the relaxed, carefree, and unusual.

Are you looking for a party you can personalize and don’t have to follow strict rules? Then why not throw a Boho-themed party at your place with Smarty Had A Party? Since you can do what you want for a Boho-styled party, however, it would be a smart choice to make it sustainable and environment-friendly. Our eco-friendly party dinnerware sets fit in well with a Bohemian-styled party. Their rustic designs and chic aesthetics make your party tables look alluring. 

Boho party decor with a perfect mix of broad style with floral patterns and vibrant colors is everything to make a party look extravagant.

Here are a few ideas to make your Boho party tables look alluring:


Boho Theme Colors

Although there are no hard and fast rules of colors and decorating, warm earthy tones are more common for a Bohemian-styled party. Warm tones include browns and grays as base colors and later accessorize with lavender, blue, and orange. To achieve that tone, get our eco-friendly party dinnerware sets and pair them up with lavenders and rose flowers. The cute-looking eco-friendly mini partyware will be the cherry on top for the whole set. With the rustic feel of our eco-friendly mini partyware and biodegradable cutlery sets, you can achieve the ambiance of a truly elegant Bohemian-themed party.


Serve Made Right with Compostable Ecofriendly Bowls

When it comes to entertaining the guests, it is of immense importance to serve the food items rightly. Serve your healthy food items in our 100% natural compostable eco-friendly bowls and disposable eco plates. Meals look even better when served in big rustic compostable, eco-friendly bowls, or even eco-friendly mini partyware. Don’t compromise on your health with our naturally made eco-friendly party dinnerware sets, and give your guests a premium dining experience with our high-end biodegradable cutlery sets. Our disposable eco plates and biodegradable cutlery sets can simply be disposed of as they degrade within two months.


Feel Free to Experiment with Colors and Patterns

Experiment with our eco-ware to bring the best to your party tables. The chic designs of our bagasse and bamboo eco plates come with the great benefit of bringing different vibes to different settings. Whatever you pick to pair them with, be it flowers, candles, balloons, or LED lights, all of the decorations will look different yet exquisite without damaging the ecosystem.


As we have talked about the freehand you have while working with a Boho style décor, bring your inner creativity out and do whatever you want to do to make your party look like yours.


Party on, Smarties! With love Smarty had a Party!

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