Now's the Time: Smarty's Madness Clearance

Milena Kukurekovic

Clearance Madness Sale is here, Smarties! Treat yourself and grab a chance to shop all of your favorite Smarty's tableware collections with an EXTRA 25% OFF SITEWIDE!

Not only that we adore and seriously enjoy our party to be beautifully decorated, but everyone attending pays attention to even little details. Very often, one of those details is dinnerware pieces. By accommodating each guest with a plate, a knife, a fork, a spoon, and a glass, you are setting the stage for your guest's first impressions, which often last. Therefore, be the host with the most and set the table for a show-stopping dinner party with a collection of dinnerware, flatware, servingware, and drinkware from your favorite Smarty brand. From matchy-matchy dinner sets to stylish barware, charger plates, ecoware, and silverware - set the scene for up to 25% less*.
Whichever occasion is on the horizon, we always strive to help you fascinate your guests, so we want to introduce a couple of our fabulous plasticware collections that will take your event to the next level.

Fancy Party Plates

Are you looking to showcase your style at your next get-together, or is there a significant occasion just around the corner? Either way, your dinnerware will be a reflection of your hosting standards - that's why it's very important that it is as beautiful and quality as possible! Hence, stock up on the plates from our Fancy Party Plates Collection, which comes in nearly every shape, design, and color imaginable. As soon as you take a look at our Potpourri, Chords, Mosaic, Wave, Square, Edge, Lace, Royal, Swirl, Harmony, DiamondHammered, Flaired, Backgammon, Spiral, Scroll, Embossed, Glitter, Vintage, Marble, Brushstroke, Modern, Antique, Blossom, or Holiday Design Collection, you will be impressed! And don't worry, whatever you decide, you may rest assured – there is no wrong choice! Constructed of premium quality plastic (which makes them extremely sturdy and durable) and designed for disposable use, these fashionistas will elevate your guest's dining experience manifold. Furthermore, all of these plates are BPA-free, making them 100% safe for your health, just like their porcelain counterparts.

Disposable Flatware Sets

You've chosen every element with care, from the matching dinnerware sets to the stunning tablecloths, paper napkins, bowls, trays, and more - now, you need cutlery that looks just as good as the rest of the details you’ve chosen while complementing the classy impression you've tried so hard to create. In that case, Smarty's gorgeous cutlery pieces are surely the best choice. Made of high-quality plastic, our flatware collections feature a baroque, hammered, groove, shiny metallic, classic, and glamour design, which will instantly add some elegance to your setup, transforming it into a display of style and dimension. Adorned with silver, gold, white, clear, black, red, and rose gold polish, these beauties will flawlessly blend in with any party palette. Plus, since they are made from durable materials, you may rest assured that they are sturdy enough for the stake while still being delicate enough for the cake.

Elegant Party Drinkware

When setting up an elegant party or event with the perfect drink selection, to continue that elegant air makes sure you have the perfect drinkware collection. Whether you are going to serve wine, champagne, or to surprise your guests with unusual cocktails, our drinkware collection will elevate the presentation of your drinks to the next level of style and taste. From classic cups, crystal clear tumblers, and coffee mugs to sophisticated crystal cut glasses, champagne flutes, carafes, martini glasses, and wine goblets, modern Smarty's drinkware line with its fantastic design will surely add a certain level of style to any event and will give that final touch of elegance to your beautifully designed table.

We are extremely honored and happy about the fact that our work had been validated so many times by our loyal Smarties, who have experienced the convenience of having the most stylish and impressive events held with the most fabulous tableware, and never had to worry (even for a moment) of all the drama that goes after. Within this blog post, we would like to thank everyone for the love and trust you gave us and will do our very best to keep up with any of your needs and ideas to maintain your number one choice when it comes the time for you to celebrate. We have decided to show our gratefulness by going MAD! And in the best possible way by organizing MADNESS CLEARANCE SALE for all you dear Smarties and give an extra 25% OFF EVERYTHING on our website using the code 'CLEARANCE25'. 

So what are you waiting for?? Shop, serve, and enjoy!

Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party! 

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