Lovely Fall Colors for the Perfect Fall Wedding

Lovely Fall Colors for the Perfect Fall Wedding

Milena Kukurekovic

A slight chill in the air brings a sigh of relief after a long, hot summer. The trees go through the process of transition. They begin to shed leaves, and flowers and leaves also wear colors.  

Around the world, autumn is characterized by the gradual, beautiful transformation of green foliage into brilliant reds, oranges, yellows, and purple shades. The lovely and gorgeous colors that fall make way for decoration provided by the hues that change with the seasons. So it makes sense that fall is a popular season for weddings.

It's likely that you already have your perfect fall wedding colors in mind if you're planning a fall wedding. However, for those still in the planning stages, we've gathered some of the most incredible fall wedding colors to choose from and set the scene for your special day.

What is a Wedding Color Scheme?

A wedding color scheme is a group of colors used in various ways on your wedding day. It is also referred to as a wedding color palette or wedding color combination. Your wedding colors are incorporated into almost every celebration aspect, including invitations, flower arrangements, tablecloths, clothes, and wedding cakes.

Setting the mood for your wedding with colors is crucial. Colors can make or break your wedding day, and of course, you wouldn't want to unintentionally ruin your happy celebration or give your visitors a visually jarring atmosphere. But, on the other hand, nobody wants their wedding day to be remembered as boring.

Some Tips for Choosing Your Fall Color Pallet

Before diving into different colors, we will start with some dos for picking a wedding color.

Venue and Surrounding

Before you plan for your big day, the first thing that you should consider is your venue and surroundings. Is it on the top of a mountain, a large ground, a hotel ballroom, an art gallery, or a garden setting? Because specific colors lend themselves better to certain surroundings, it will help pick your wedding colors.

Pick Multiple Colors

Our second task is to pick more than just one or two colors. Choosing too many colors can make your wedding appear disjointed. Wedding planners advise sticking to a maximum of three colors to make sure everything blends together. If you want to keep things more subdued in terms of color, choose neutrals like whites, grays, and beige.

Choose Seasonal Colors

Colors that correspond well to the four natural seasons are called seasonal colors. Each season has a unique palette of traditional colors associated with it. For your fall wedding and decoration, it's best to use a color scheme incorporating natural hues so that your other décor and flowers don't clash.

1. Black

Black isn't only for formal dresses anymore. To make your reception table moodier and stunning, add black to the tables with black taper candles, napkins, and black disposable dinnerware. Also, don't be afraid to get creative with black.

Black and white flowers are also ideal for a fall wedding party. The beauty of black and white flowers is that they may be used as a stand-alone flower in a mono-floral arrangement or as an accent flower when combined with other flowers. Black and white flowers look mesmerizing when used together as centerpieces in big vases when everything else on the table is black.

A lantern is one of the easiest decor additions to spruce up a place. Use lanterns with black frames to add another dark feature to your table style. Last but not least, choosing a black cake for your wedding will not only make jaws drop, but it will also elevate your decoration. 

2. Forest Green

No color can welcome fall as much as forest green. It looks gorgeous and breathtakingly beautiful if you are having a wedding party in a garden. However, forest green may be a little challenging, and you should use it subtly to avoid overdoing it. 

Forest green candles, dark green plates, and elegant disposable dinnerware with a combination of rustic wood tables look stunning. When paired with deep burgundy, it looks fantastic. It can also be paired with red or light, dark, and nude tones of brown.

3. Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is one of the most adaptable color choices for a fall wedding palette since it goes with any season. With its gentle, warm, and elegant pink color scheme, dusty rose is a favorite wedding color of many brides. In addition, it has provided us with plenty of beautiful, unique weddings due to the use of various color combinations of other colors with dusty pink. 

Due to the complementary nature of pink and green, dusty rose naturally complements earthy greens like sage, juniper, or deep emerald to create a serene and feminine color scheme. Dusty rose with mulberry creates an enchanting color combination for a perfect wedding.

You can never go wrong with the subtle pairing of dusty rose and white, for this combination isn't flamboyant. This delicate and fashionable combination is highly adaptable and never goes out of style, and it's excellent for fall weddings. 

There are a lot of different elements where the dusty rose may be used as an accent, but a couple may choose to include it in the wedding party's color scheme. 

To bring everything together, use dusty rose in a soft linen runner, napkins, taper candles, disposable wedding dinnerware sets, or a menu. You can also decorate different vases filled with dusty rose and mulberry-colored flowers.

4. Pumpkin

How can you think of a fall wedding party without including the pumpkin color in your decor? Of course, pumpkin has always been associated with autumn. But, of course, if you're going for a seasonal, natural color scheme, this is the shade that screams fall! 

Add a touch of pumpkin color with cozy components, such as blankets on the chairs at your reception seating or accents in your bouquet, and contrast it with neutral tones of white, gray, or cream.

For a beautifully decorated fall wedding tablescape, use a variety of pumpkin hues and sizes to decorate them around the table and surround them with candles or flowers and plastic dinnerware sets. 

Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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