Throw a Sustainable Celebration With Biodegradable Party Supplies

Throw a Sustainable Celebration With Biodegradable Party Supplies

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It's not hard for unforeseen circumstances to ruin the perfect party. A surprise thunderstorm can roll in and drench your cookout. Bad traffic can have guests arriving late, and the enervating drive leaves them in less than celebratory spirits when they do make it there. And we've heard our stories about having to cancel birthday parties at the last minute because the guest of honor fell off a ladder trying to hang their own "H-A-P-Y-Y-B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y" letters from the ceiling.

One that can derail a party without extinguished charcoals or broken tailbones is guilt over expending the resources to put on a party, knowing how the poor stewardship of natural resources is affecting our entire world. While some gatherings can be a little too resource-intensive for our peace of mind—fireworks celebrations, we're looking at you—it's unnecessary to spoil your party by feeling like you don't deserve it. You can always throw a sustainable celebration with biodegradable party supplies. We'll show you how.

Why Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Party Supplies?

What makes eco-friendly dinnerware unique is its natural construction that does not harm the environment, whether in its production, use, or disposal. Our exquisite eco-friendly party supplies are made from renewable sources. Therefore, from the source to the production and finishing, our eco-friendly dinnerware pieces are completely natural, compostable, and biodegradable, which allows them to amazingly quickly break down into the environment without harming the ecosystem, and make them a premium, eco-friendly, and excellent quality addition to your disposable party supplies. 

Impeccable Convenience

Make a purchase that benefits you and the environment, and say goodbye to long-lasting washing dishes! No cleanup, no need to use any water. Disposable eco-friendly party supplies, besides helping conserve energy, minimize the carbon footprint and the emission of greenhouse gases, and reduce toxicity or pollution in our environment, really mean - less cleaning and more time for you. In addition, since our eco-friendly, disposable party supplies are fully biodegradable, it means they can be decomposed within a matter of months in a certified facility, leaving no trace, so you can feel guilt-free to throw them in the trash, your green recyclable bin, or home compost when your party is over - and spare yourself from the chore of doing the dishes.

Bagasse Plates

We'll start simple. Sugarcane byproduct doesn't go to waste—after processors extract the sugar and leave behind the highly fibrous cellulose that we call bagasse, some of it fires up the boilers that operate the processing plant itself. The rest of it becomes paper products, such as these biodegradable plates. While they look like plain white paper plates at first glance, their sugarcane content makes them deceptively sturdy and fit for piling party food high. Once you've cleaned your plate, you can throw them in the compost heap.

Bagasse is obtained from dried sugarcane fibers that are extracted from the juices of the stalk itself. After separating the fibers, the raw material forms a pulp perfect for making packaging such as bowls, plates, and containers. Sugar cane packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable. It breaks down naturally within 90 days and forms compost material that can be used to enrich the soil through natural ingredients. Sugar cane packaging is an excellent alternative to Styrofoam packaging. They do not leak liquid and are resistant to grease and high and low temperatures. Moreover, they are versatile and practical, suitable for freezer and microwave oven use.

Palm-Leaf Plates and Bowls

If the austere whites of bagasse dinnerware don't provide enough style for your celebration, perhaps the wood-grain appearance of palm-leaf dinnerware is more your speed. As with bagasse, manufacturers have devised a way to make the most of something that would otherwise go into the garbage—in this case, the fronds that fall from palm trees as they grow. Heat processing turns tropical yard waste into durable and beautiful plates, bowls, and dishes that can go right back to the earth.

For production, fallen palm leaves are used, which are washed and pressed to obtain the desired shape, and then covered with food coloring. Such dishes combine lightness, strength, and resistance to temperature extremes.

Biodegradable Straws

They are characterized by high quality. They are solid and durable. They will not fall apart or melt over a long period.

Eco-Friendly: Made of eco-friendly biodegradable materials and food-safe ink, durable and sturdy paper drinking straws that are long-lasting, non-toxic, and odorless will not harm your health.

In the modern world, when choosing household products, more and more attention is paid to their impact on human health and the environment. Therefore, it is worth considering the main features of eco dishes, finding out what types exist, and familiarizing yourself with the criteria that should be considered when choosing sets of such dishes.

Biodegradable Dishes from Birch

Birch dishes are not only completely safe for nature and people, but also have several healing properties due to their composition of betulin (birch camphor) - a natural antiseptic and biostimulant. In addition, birch bark can be stored for a very long time as it is resistant to mechanical damage and decay.

The presence of such dishes not only allows the owner to maintain health and help preserve nature but also helps to express his civic attitude and promote eco-style.

Birchwood Flatware

Throwing a sustainable celebration with biodegradable party supplies extends to your forks, spoons, and knives. Forget about plastic flatware—the tines of the forks can break easily, the knives never seem to cut right, and all of it takes up more space in our ever-growing landfills. Instead, the birch trees dot the Midwestern and Northeastern United States yield durable wood that we can carve into surprisingly effective flatware. Like the other sustainable offerings from Smarty Had a Party, these are 100-percent biodegradable party supplies with no harmful chemicals or processing that makes them unfit for your compost heap. It's easy to make your next party an eco-friendly and guilt-free one. However, safely hanging those shiny letters from the ceiling is still harder than it looks.


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