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White Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

Smarty had a party


Red Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

Smarty had a party


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Smarty's idea had always been to make it easier for everyone. Easy browsing, easy purchase. Sometimes, and it turned out to be most of the time, people like these things to be as simple as possible and combine them all in one. This is what the tableware sets are for. Browse through this creative and versatile collection of disposable tableware sets and think no more of combining and matching little pieces of dinnerware.

Even for the smart shopper...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mix and match sets together?

While these are designed so that you will be able to enjoy a complete nesting set, you can definitely mix and match things together if you want to. Remember that you'll need to buy complete sets with this collection, so you'll have two complete sets of whatever you decide to mix and match!

What if I need a different number of settings than what Smarty offers?

This is a problem that some face since Smarty's sets are designed in round numbers. To ensure that you aren't cutting yourself too close, you'll want to select the number on the drop-down list that is over the number you need, not below. Even if it means you'll have excess and extra dinnerware, it'll be reassuring to know that you won't come up a few settings short on the day of your event!

Can I use plastic tableware sets for events other than weddings?

While they are named wedding sets, you can use these value sets for whatever occasion you have planned. These will be beautiful collections when you need everything in one place for whatever big event you have waiting for you and your guests.

What is the top benefit of purchasing themed tableware sets?

The biggest thing hosts will enjoy is knowing they have all they need in one neat and tidy collection. This means no last-minute hunting or price differences from one thing to the next. Instead, it saves stress and time so that you can focus on the other things on your list that are demanding your attention!

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