How to Plan an Outdoor Fall Party?

How to Plan an Outdoor Fall Party?

Milena Kukurekovic

You had terrific summers full of parties, and you learned some fantastic new recipes, new decoration ideas, and new tips and tricks that made you an excellent host. However, when the season brings the transition, hot summer days become mild and chilly, and all newly learned tips and decor ideas might not work for the upcoming fall parties. 

If you are planning an outdoor fall party, and whether you couldn't think of outdoor fall decorations ideas or don't know where to start planning it, this guide will answer all of your questions that could come to your mind when planning an outdoor fall party. So keep on reading for outdoorsy autumn party ideas!

Choose the Date

Of course, you should start your party planning by deciding the date. It would affect the other party arrangements, as the earlier you set the party date, the more time you have to plan.

Also, guests need at least two weeks' notice of the party invitation to schedule their routine accordingly. So make sure to pick the two-week later date. This won't only allow you to have enough time to plan the party, but also the guests can plan on their side to join you. 

Moreover, the party time is also crucial to have ultimate fun. The morning in the fall feels different; the grass in your backyard would be quite slippery because of dew, while the evening will be uncomfortable as the temperature falls. 

However, you can rent rugs and walkaways to deal with the slippery surface. The evening can give you an advantage for adding ambiance and aesthetics by playing with the lights. 

Send Out the Invitations

Once you have decided on the date, the second thing you should be planning to get done is sending out the invitations to the guests. 

Now, this involves a lot of things related to your party. So, apart from mentioning the venue, date, and time in the party invitation, you should also consider spelling out further details (if required).

Such as if you are having Potlucker dinner or want to exchange the dishes at the party. Similarly, spell out the dress code if you want your guests to dress according to the party's theme. 

Choose Your Party Venue

The perfect venue can make a massive difference to your party, depending on what theme you would be playing. The summer allows the ultimate freedom to party out and have outdoor fun. However, the fall will be slightly different, as the weather is quite unpredictable. 

If you're planning your party outdoors, make sure to have Plan B to be on the safe side. Plan B will allow you to take your party indoors in case of weather fluctuations, and guests won't have to leave disappointed. 

Also, whether you're planning to host a long list of guests or arranging an intimate party, the view outside the road might seem like a car auction scene. Don't forget to provide the proper parking space to your guests, so no one gets a parking ticket. 

Party Decorations

Nature will do decorations if you're partying outdoors, in the woods with a foliage background, or in your backyard. With the autumn foliage, dusk providing ambiance, and tree leaves changing color, a lot is going on in the fall. So, you don't need a lot of decorations for your party. 

However, you'll still want to give some fresh touches to the venue. You'll want to provide fresh touches to the venue. The best way is to keep it simple. Place pumpkins, apples, and rustic centerpieces for fall parties' outdoor side table settings. 

What's a fall table without elegant outdoor dinnerware? Use the stylish rustic dinnerware like disposable plastic serving ware Smarty to elevate your table's decor. The fancy plates, chic disposable trays, and elegant plastic serving bowls would help you achieve a fantastic look for your party table. 

You can place carved pumpkins at the venue, with candles glowing inside them to add ambiance as it gets dark when the sunsets.

Seating Arrangements

It's not a must-have for the party, but a little tip when planning the party. Of course, the proper seating is essential for the party, but the setting is crucial. 

Try to create different seating zones for the guests instead of making a herd around at the party. Use mixed furniture, such as chairs, hay bales, and benches, to set the different seating zones for 2 or 3 people. 

Set the activity table for the kids away from the adults' seating settings so they aren't bumping into anyone while playing at the party. When setting different seating zones, the self-serve drinking stations would be your best favor to your guests. 

Plan the Party Menu

When it comes to the fall party menu, the season has a lot to offer. But, of course, since it's a fall-centric party, you can entirely rely on seasonal recipes and ingredients. 

Before planning the party menu, decide what type of food you will serve. Does it need to be cooked fresh, or can you freeze it and reheat it to serve the guests at the party?

The food that can be frozen will save you a lot of time and effort, as you won't need to spend hours in the kitchen while your guests have arrived at the party. Also, deciding how you would like to serve the food is crucial.

Do you want to take all the food out all at once, or do you want to go with the sit-down table service? The buffet table is perfect for a long list of guests, while the sit-down table works great for an intimate party. 


You can’t imagine an outdoor fall party without fun activities and games. So plan backyard games to entertain your guests at the party; some backyard outdoor games are horseshoes and corn hole. 

Besides the games, you can hire a musical band to add an exciting element to your party, the kids would love to see them playing it.

Also, the background music musicians will take your party to the next level while playing the games. Setting up a photo booth is also a great idea. Do something unique with the photo booth, such as providing a printer for the guests to print out the photos immediately. 

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