Non-Traditional Decor Tips for Modern Event Decor

Non-Traditional Decor Tips for Modern Event Decor

Milena Kukurekovic

Every day new trends are followed to bring aesthetic touches to your event. Save your grandmother's traditional methods and tips for dressing up your home for family gatherings - because when looking forward to throwing an epic party with aesthetic and modern touches, you will have to make some alterations in your hosting skills.

We have composed the best tips for modern event decor. Read on to discover them, and try to implement them in your next event decor.

Stick to the Event's Theme

Every party and event is incomplete with the theme as it will give life to the event you plan to decorate. So, the first thing is to pick up a theme for your event that you and your guests will love.

If you don't have many ideas for the event's theme, then simply get help from the internet, as there are plenty of ideas for any event you plan to arrange.

Once you have decided on the theme, the next step is to stick to the event theme. Sticking to the theme will make everything put together to complement the party's other decorations.

If you are on a budget, you can go with cheap curtains and chair covers to match the event's theme.

Your first task is actually to choose a style for the table decor. It can be a style you usually use when decorating your home, but another adds interest to the event. Modern, Scandinavian, minimalist, vintage, or farmhouse style will be ideal for an unforgettable table setting. Once you have chosen a style, choose a color scheme. Since this is a spring decoration, we suggest you choose some cheerful or pastel tones. Plenty of green and yellow tones will make the ornament on your table beautiful. Also, if you want to emphasize a refined feeling, use the scheme of white, gray, and occasional black moments for a Nordic chic display.

Playing with Lights

When you plan to do the event decor, lighting is the most important element of the decor as it will make a huge difference to your over scene and decorations. Lighting directs the audience to where to put their attention and highlights the spots that need to be visible at the event.

Right, controllable lighting will also set your guest's mood, which is why lighting in most restaurants is excellent.

One of the important tips for decorating a modern party is lighting. Plan your lighting from sensually dimmed to very bright so that no one is left in the dark or stuck in the spotlight.

So, arrange a good lighting piece for whatever event you are planning to host. For wedding parties, soft light is mainly preferred. Moreover, ensure you have the power back up like batteries and generators, so the events go well without embarrassment.

Decorative Led Panels with which Every Interior will Shine

These panels aim to create a soothing and relaxed yet somewhat mystical atmosphere. To further emphasize the beauty of this space, carefully selected modern furniture was used in combination with the incredible scenographic effect of LED decorative panels in the most vivid colors.

They are successfully used as an accent wall or a focal point of entertainment. Games of colored light and lush green gardens in the open are reflected thanks to the wide mirrors that separate the living room from the rest of the house.

Decorative LED panels prove that the concept of murals can be endlessly upgraded. With them, every interior will shine, as well as your party!

Modern Table Decor

The smart tip for decorating a party that attracts the most attention is the table where everyone will sit together and eat. Whether planning a sitting gala dinner or a buffet-based serving, decorate the tables with expensive decorative accessories for a unique and memorable statement.

After you put everything together, your table decor is essential to the event's decor. Your table will be the center of attention as your guests spend most of their time around it.

Your beautiful dinnerware sets presented on the table with the correct settings can make a huge difference in the table decor. Shop an elegant and stylish dinnerware set, or else you can go with elegant mini partyware that is perfect for upscale parties.

We have a wide variety of disposable mini partyware in different styles and designs so you can elevate your table decor without spending extra.

Moreover, plastic mini partyware is disposable, meaning you won't need to soak your hands in water. Instead, you can simply dispose of them after the event is over. 

Some modern and exciting ideas for your entertainment that you will not resist!

Additional Decoration Ideas

Jars with Sequins

This is so simple and so elegant. You don't need anything too much on the tables. You can take a few ordinary glass jars (as many as you have tables) and spray each in detail with gold or silver paint with sequins. When the jars are dry, just put some beautiful, delicate flowers and arrange them on the tables. And from the details, you can only put more gold or silver napkins.

Flower balls

They are so easy to make. First, you need a foam ball (you can find it in flower shops or decoration shops) and plastic silk flowers. Tie a silk ribbon over the ball, tie it tightly, and stick dense flowers in the foam ball. Hang the balls wherever you want.

The Story of the Scent

How your house smells is a significant part of that first impression as guests walk through the door. Get scented candles that improve your mood.

On the other hand, soften essential oils - everything you need to maintain a romantic, fresh scent throughout the home.

Fresh Florals

Although guests will bring fresh flowers, they are still one of the essential tips for decorating a modern party. Enter the moods that start the conversation to add an effortless sense of elegant drama to your tabletop landscapes.

Add Unique Finishing Touches

Decorate places here and there for a richly layered look that will give the event a more visible game to get them talking.


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