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White with Gold Edge Rim Plastic Wedding Value Set
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White Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

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Red Square Plastic Wedding Value Set

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If you're looking for disposable dinnerware for weddings to buy, Smarty provides a variety of selections like mini dinner sets that are sure to please even the keenest shopper. There are many ways to satisfy your guests' needs with disposable mini-cups and scoops, allowing caterers to get creative with how they present the best food experience at your wedding. Disposable china or vintage trim tableware will wow your guests while offering a simple clean-up process once the...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find elegant disposable dinnerware for weddings?

When it comes to disposable dinnerware for weddings, we’ve got you covered. We have an array of options on our site, from clear to gold to vintage patterns. Browse our site for the design you’re looking to have set at your event.

How many disposable wedding dinnerware sets should I purchase for a large reception?

Looking at your guest list, you can compare the number of guests to the number of plates that come in our sets. Say you’re having 200 guests, you will likely want to get one of our sets with 240 of each item for your table settings. This way, each guest is covered and you have extras in case any accidents occur.

What are some nice examples of fancy plastic dinnerware sets for a wedding?

Depending on your theme, you’ll want to match the dinnerware set to it. If you decide on a 1920’s themed wedding, a white and gold vintage rim set may appeal to you. If you have a modern wedding in the spring, an edgy square set in clear or gold may appeal to you. Your options are endless, so use a theme to help you shape your ideas for the perfect wedding layout.

Can I decorate my own disposable dinnerware for weddings?

Other than your centerpiece and choice of the tablecloth, a napkin folded in a fancy fashion will provide a decorative, 3D element to your dinnerware. Another low effort way to decorate is choosing a clear disposable dinnerware set and setting the table setting around it. Place your menu underneath for a simplistic, clean and elegant look.

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