How to Choose Plastic Plates for Formal Events?

How to Choose Plastic Plates for Formal Events?

Milena Kukurekovic

An elegant dinner set can make a difference in your table’s profile. A dinnerware set is more than plates, cups, and flatware as it can completely transform the look of your table. It can be an excellent excuse to elevate your table’s decor and party theme.

Setting up an elegant tablespace requires a perfect compatible plate, and to help you get the appropriate set of disposable plastic plates - we have composed a detailed guide on it. Read on to find out what component of the plate set you should be considering.

Appropriate Plate Size for Formal Settings

To make your table stand out at the party, you need to have an appropriate plate size that cooperates with your table settings. For instance, if you are setting a large table, you need to opt for a larger plate size. 

An average dinner plate size is 10 inches, but to cover the space between the serving ware while placed on the table, large size plates are ideal. Large plate size will cover your table’s space and make it occupied and elegant. 

Also, if you are setting up your table in a large space/room/ venue, then a larger plate size is ideal for such settings. 

For the smaller table settings, go for the small plate size, as it will make it easier for you to adjust the room on the table. If you are serving many dishes on the menu, it’s good to go for the average plate size.

Moreover, if you are throwing a BBQ party or serving hot food, large plates with increased rim size will avoid spills dropping off the plate. 

Perfect Plate Color for Formal Events

Choosing the perfect color plates will aesthetically improve your table’s profile. However, the benefits of playing with plates’ color will set the mood and make your table appealing.

Many studies have concluded that color affects your appetite and makes you feel more hungry. Another study suggested that when there’s a little contrast between the food and plates’ color - it increases your appetite for food. 

Hence, playing with the plates’ color doesn’t only elevate your table’s decor but also makes you consume more. Utilize such knowledge and place appropriate color plates for your table.

So, choosing the perfect plate color for your parties and the formal event isn’t an ordinary thing. Make sure to be choosy about it when it comes to choosing plate colors.

However, white is the best color to set up your table for formal events. White is a versatile color as it can go with any party theme and food. To set the mood and bring aesthetic vibes to your table space, you need to create a contrast between food and plate. 

White plates bring the most out of your food by popping up the colors and texture of the ingredients. Moreover, by going for white plates, you will be saving money as they are versatile and can go with any party settings, table theme, and pop-up food color. 

Why Only Plastic Plates?

In recent times, plastic plates have been quite trendy, and there are some authentic reasons behind them. Plastic plates offer many practical benefits that other material plates lack, making them perfect for all types of events. 


Plastic plates are made of plastic, making them extremely lightweight compared to the other ceramic and porcelain. 

Being lightweight makes it easier to carry on picnic parties and destination wedding parties. Moreover, kids feel comfortable and easy while eating on plastic plates as they are easy to hold.

Hassle-Free Clean-Up

One of the top benefits of using plastic plates is that they are disposable and offer hassle-free clean-up. They are best for all types of events. Whether you are serving a large crowd or going on a picnic party, plastic plates will make the clean-up like a breeze.


Buying a lot of fancy and elegant serving wares for formal settings will make you pay a hefty amount for it. However, plastic serving wares kill the hassle of buying expensive serving ware for parties and casual use. Plastic plates are budget-friendly and can be affordable for any budget as the variety is endless. 

Our Plastic Plates for Formal Events

Considering all the practical benefits and a wide variety to choose from; if you are convinced or already have been looking for an elegant yet budget-friendly plastic plate set, then get fancy disposable plates from our “Smarty had a Party” superstore.

We have a wide variety of plastic disposable plates that come in various colors, shapes, and designs. They come at a fraction of the cost, making them affordable to any budget. Get our elegant party plates and serve your guests with style and honor. 

White Plate with Gold Edge Rim

This white dinnerware set with a gold edge rim can be a great addition to your serving ware for formal events. The luxurious profile with gold edge rims adds a finishing touch to its profile, making it the perfect plate set for all kinds of formal events. 

Its polished look and high-quality material make it difficult to notice whether it’s plastic made or some top-tier ceramic plate. Moreover, this plate set comes with 20 salad plates and 20 service plates to make it easier for you to serve salad and appetizers along with the main course. 

Black with Gold Vintage Round Plate

If you are bored with the white plate and want to bring some unique dinnerware to your plate collection, consider this black with a gold vintage round plate that will provide an upscale feel to your party. Its sophisticated profile with a flourished edge of gold and elegant black contrast will set the mood.

It’s a perfect plate set for all kinds of formal and special events. Whether it’s a glamorous wedding party, a birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal bash, or a holiday feast, this plat set will completely transform the look and feel of your tablespace.


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