The Smarty Had a Party Disposable Flatware Buying Guide

The Smarty Had a Party Disposable Flatware Buying Guide

With summer weddings, cookouts, and all sorts of outdoor soirees on the way, you’re looking for disposable cutlery fit for each occasion. Those cheap white forks whose tines break off in the mashed potatoes and flimsy knives that couldn’t cut butter have no place at your table. Not to worry, however—Smarty Had a Party understands the need for utensils that look good and work well while still conferring some beauty upon each table setting. In our disposable flatware buying guide, we’ll show you a few of our favorites from our collection of single-use flatware options. Take a look around and see which forms fit your functions.

Go for the Rose Gold

For warm-colored wedding reception décor, temper the brassiness of traditional gold-toned flatware with our rose gold forks, knives, and spoons. The subtle tint of rose gold adds novelty and nuance and immediately connotes the elegance your reception deserves. Best of all, like all Smarty’s offerings, you and your guests will enjoy that elegance without anyone having to do the dishes afterward.

If It Ain’t Baroque, Don’t Pick It

Ornate craftsmanship needn’t be limited to metal. When you want the appearance of expert artisan silversmithing in your cutlery but don’t want to hand-wash those works of art, our baroque-style flatware is the answer. Not only do they feature elaborate patterns, but they have the heft to approximate their metal counterparts in your hands. When it comes to making a case for baroque flatware, there’s simply no counterpoint to that argument. (Music major humor.)

Sustainability in the Palm of Your Hand

For outdoor parties where the décor you’re coordinating with is naturally occurring, consider the eco-friendly alternative of palm leaf flatware. Just as we carry lines of biodegradable, single-use palm leaf plates, you can flank them with forks, spoons, and knives that are just as useful and just as green. If you’re celebrating in northern climes and want to add a local touch, you can pair palm leaf dinnerware with natural birchwood flatware. No papery bark here—just strong, resilient, and all-natural wood.

Keep It Simple With Silver

For plenty of events, plant-based table settings can be a little too unorthodox and rose gold or baroque silver flatware is just a bit too elegant. We’ll wrap up our disposable flatware buying guide by getting back to basics. If you want to stick to the classics, there’s no shame in that. Smooth and traditional silver plastic cutlery is the reliable, never-fail choice when it comes to disposable plastic silverware. No matter which event you’re throwing—whether it’s this summer or any time of year—you can’t go wrong with simple, attractive, no-nonsense flatware in a neutral tone that complements any color palette. For more flatware options from Smarty Had a Party, check out our full collection to find the set that’s right for your next event.

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