The Best Christmas Table Setting Ideas

The Best Christmas Table Setting Ideas

When you’re a kid, Christmas is about tearing open presents, enjoying cookies and eggnog for breakfast, playing with your new toys, and then eating more cookies. For grown-ups, Christmas isn’t exactly child’s play anymore. Hosting and planning a holiday meal is hard work, but disposable supplies can give you much less to worry about. Here are some of the best Christmas table setting ideas for your big dinner.

Green and Red

Snow white, red, and a rich forest green are the traditional colors of Christmas. There’s centuries-old religious symbolism behind this, but for most people, green and red mean boughs of holly, Christmas trees, and Santa suits. Either way, it fits. The color theory behind the Christmas palette is sound. Red and green are complementary colors; one primary color is paired with a mix of the other two. Furthermore, the shade of green that we think of as “Christmas green”—one that evokes the evergreens we use as our Christmas trees—is a dark green, contrasting nicely with the vibrant red. Even without the cultural association, these colors make sense together. They’ll make sense on your table, too. Match spruce green placemats and napkins with red plates, adding gold-colored flatware for a touch of distinction that accents your base colors. For a slightly calmer presentation, go with a green-dominant arrangement and let a little red go a long way, with clear glasses playing the role of white.

White and Gold

If you’re one of those Christmas super-decorators and your home is already bedecked in green and red, maybe you want to give those colors a rest at dinner. For a big party with a serious meal, sometimes you can’t beat the gravity and grace classic white and gold confers on your dinner’s presentation. With white or ivory plates, you don’t have to worry about how the color of your plate may clash with the color of the foods on it. A neutral base color with understated warm-color accents will allow your food to be the star of the setting without your plates being an afterthought. If this is the approach you want to take, you can begin to dream of a white Christmas dinner.


One of the most popular scenes in the Christmas imagination is that of Santa’s workshop, where his elves work ’round the clock to craft children’s toys. Plates and spoons may not be quite as fun as dolls and wagons, but you can evoke the handmade craftsmanship of the North Pole with disposable palm-leaf partyware. The leaves simulate the unmistakable pattern of wood grain, but only need to be used once, and are eco-friendly. That’s a Christmas gift you can give the planet.

We think these are some of the best Christmas table setting ideas, but no matter which of these directions you choose to take, Smarty Had a Party offers all these collections of elegant disposable party supplies for the holiday season.

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