An Enchanting, Eco-Friendly Easter Table Setup

An Enchanting, Eco-Friendly Easter Table Setup

Milena Kukurekovic

After Christmas, Easter is the second biggest event that is celebrated. Like other events, Easter is also an excellent opportunity to take some break from your hectic and stressful routine by inviting your favorite people to your place and having lunch or dinner with them. 

Apart from celebrations, inviting people, and shaping a versatile menu, Easter also brings you a great opportunity to use your creative instinct to dress up your home and make it ready for the celebrations.

However, in between all the other arrangements, the table might get ignored, which can play a huge role to make everything stand out in the scene. Lucky you are, as we have come up with some of the best ways to decorate the Easter table set up in an eco-friendly way. 

Start from the Tablecloth

For any tablescape, the tablecloth is a foundation for its beauty and profile. It provides a table enhanced and a beautiful background to the tableware. Also, it’s a great way to highlight the theme of the event you are going to have. 

So, start with the tablecloth and spread it out on the table’s top. However, for the table cloth, there are a lot of options that you can try but choosing a perfect one depends on the table decor and settings. 

For instance, if you want to incorporate spring colors in your tablescape, think about the tablecloths with bold colors. Such purple color for a tablecloth with different prints will look awesome for the spring easter table settings. 

Here are some of the tablecloth ideas that are worth trying while setting up your easter table. 

Elegant Spring Tablecloth for Easter Table

A white table always has a grace that is transferred to other tableware when placed with it, as everything on white shines. An elegant white tablecloth is a perfect way to style your easter table by providing it with a sophisticated yet stylish profile. 

If you are going to lay down the colorful party supplies on your table, then consider having a white tablecloth on the table’s top as a background to make tableware and other table decoration colors pop up. Also, white is a great table cloth for the garden-inspired tablescape.

Rustic TableCloth for Easter Tablescape 

When you are looking forward to setting up a formal easter tablescape, a rustic one will always be the perfect choice to make everything look whimsical. 

When talking of the rustic table, you wouldn’t need to spread a tablecloth on its tabletop. Instead, leave the table as it is, and let its wooden texture provide a rustic profile to the scene. Set up your table in natural light for more rustic vibes in the scene. 

Fancy Table Cloth

When you want to feel at ease and comfortable, you might opt for the informal table setting with a fancy tablecloth. A fancy table cloth is a great way to provide your table a fresh look without doing a lot. 

For a fancy look, opt for the tablecloth with cute bunny prints on it. However, it may sound boring to you, but a tablecloth with bunny prints on it can be the perfect tablecloth for the fancy look of your table. 

Centerpiece Ideas

The centerpiece provides your table with a focal point and makes it look more polished and enhanced. No matter whether you are going to set up a formal or informal table setting, centerpieces are an essential part of the table’s decor. 

Here are some of the creative centerpiece ideas that you should try for your Easter table. 

How to create an Affordable Centerpiece for your Easter Table?

Here’s a complete guide on how you can create an affordable yet attractive centerpiece. 

Materials you will need

  • Glass vases of different sizes - one large size glass vase and a small one. 
  • Jelly beans
  • Fresh flowers
  • Scissor 
  • Water

Grab a large glass vase and insert a smaller one in it. Add colorful jelly beans around the smaller vase. Next, add the water to the smaller vase and cut the flowers from the stem, and make the smaller vase hold it. 

Garden-Inspired Centerpiece

The garden-inspired centerpiece is a great perfect way to provide a cute bunny a place to hang out on your table. Consider having a floral runner on the table’s top and a bunch of glass vases holding flowers. 

You can add color flowers of your choice that matches the table decor. Place a bunny in such a way on the table runner like it’s hiding from the guests sitting around. 

Flower Box Centerpiece

Whether you are setting up your table outdoors in the backyard or indoors, a flower box centerpiece is going to work with both settings. A flower box centerpiece is one of the easy ways to bring the garden to your table.

You will need a wooden box opened from the top side so you can put a bunch of flowers inside it. Before putting the flowers in it, fill it up with the soil to hold the flowers in the box. Make the soil hold a bunch of flowers for you.

In the end, spread the floral on the topsoil layer. You can add a cute little nest filled with eggs on the top of the flower box to incorporate easter touches into your tablescape. 

Style Up Your with Eco-friendly Servingware

Serving Wares are also a part of the table decorations, and you should be choosy about them when setting up your table. An elegant serving ware cooperating with the theme of your table will make your table stand out in the scene. 

So, choose an eco-friendly serving ware that matches your table’s decorations and provides it with a more enhanced feel. However, we offer a wide range of eco-friendly party supplies and eco-friendly dinnerware sets that are 100% biodegradable and harmless. 

Our eco-friendly plates are made of palm leaves which provides them a beautiful wooden texture. Moreover, they are disposable, which means you can dispose of them easily after using them. 


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