The Ultimate Guide to Party Drinkware

The Ultimate Guide to Party Drinkware

Milena Kukurekovic

Did you know there is 25 million drinkware available on the market? With plenty of variety to choose from, it's pretty puzzling to find the perfect party drinkware. 

The first thing you may want to serve to your guests is something to drink, which should be in an appropriate glass to enhance their drinking experience. Every drink has its drinkware to be served in it.

For instance, some glasses are made to preserve the bubbles of your drink, and some are designed so the drink retains its temperature in the glass. When throwing a party, you must have appropriate drinkware set to serve your guests.

Here's the complete guide to the party drinkware.

Disposable or Reusable? 

When planning to serve a large crowd of guests at a party, deciding what type of drinkware will suit your needs is essential. There are disposable drinkware and reusable ones. 

The reusables are a one-time investment as you can wash them for reuse. However, the reusable drinkware made of glass isn't durable enough to bear a minor drop or accidental touch. 

Moreover, they are expensive, and if you go for the premium ones, the price can even go higher. The big drawback of reusable drinkware is the clean-up. They don't offer easy clean-up, meaning you will have a pile of drinkware to wash when the party is over. 

When it comes to disposable drinkware, they offer easy clean-up, plus they are cheaper. In addition, the plastic-made disposable drinkware is supposed to be disposed of, so you won't have to wash it at the party's end. 

The disposable plastic glasses are durable and lightweight - so no worries if you need them for a picnic party or a destination wedding. 

Glass Shot

The glass shot comes in various sizes: tall, short, and comprehensive. If you are setting up a bar at the party, these are must-have drinkware you should have. They are perfect for guests who like mocktail shots, mixed-up soda, and other drinks.

There's an endless variety of glass shots, but the smaller ones are preferable because they're suitable for most drinks you'll serve at the party. 

Drinkware for Red Wine

The glassware's beauty, elegance, and style are everything for most people, but to get the most out of your drinks, you must have it in the right drinkware. For example, if you are planning to serve a red wine at a party, you need to have a specific type of drink. 

While having red wine, you may want to enjoy its aroma and unfold its flavors. The substance of the red wine needs to interact with the oxygen to release an enchanting aroma and flavor. The drinkware with a wide opening works pretty well for the red wine. 

The wide opening of the glass allows the oxygen to get inside quickly and interact with the contents of the drink. However, the stem also plays an essential role in enhancing your drinking experience. 

You may want to like the red wine at its optimal temperature, and the stemless drinkware is a perfect way to provide your body with your drinkware. 

So, choose the drinkware that'll help you enjoy your drink and stay warmer for a longer time. Get elegant plastic stemware at a fraction of the cost at an online superstore "Smarty Had a Party." 

Drinkware for White Wine

For red wine, you need glassware with a wide opening that allows oxygen to get into a glass and interact with the drink. However, white wine is the contrary, and you need to understand the reason behind it to fall into a perfect and appropriate drinkware collection. 

The contents of the white wine need to be preserved in the glass so you can enjoy its unfolding aroma with each sip. To prevent the essence of the drink, a glass with a narrow opening is ideal and preferable. 

So, when you are planning to serve white wine, ensure a glass with a narrow opening to provide the guests with the best drinking experience. Moreover, the bottom of the drinkware for the white wine should have a stem to prevent your body heat from transferring to the beverage. 

Get fancy disposable wine glasses from "Smarty Had a Party." They just don't only look elegant but look like real drinkware - perfect for upscale fancy parties. 

Decorative Glasses

Now you probably know the science behind choosing the perfect drinkware collection based on the drinks you'll be serving at the party. You may want to look for stylish glasses that elevate your party decoration. Here are the decorative glasses you can have for the party. 

Rimmed Glasses

The glasses with the gold or silver rim are called rimmed glasses. The rims are there for the decor's purpose and are perfect for the party theme when the decor uses metallic elements like the chairs with the gold color scheme or the golden flatware collection. 

You can use the rimmed glasses to coordinate the colors of the decor. There are endless ways to make them blend with the contemporary theme - all you need is to be creative. 

Colored Glasses 

The color glasses add a special whimsy touch to the table decor. The colored glasses can become a perfect piece of decor to support your party color scheme. For instance, if you are having a 4th of July party, the red-colored glasses will be perfect with the red, blue, and white party theme. 

The colored glasses offer practical benefits. Since they are colored, there wouldn't be any smudge on the bowl, and it'll remain neat & clean and keep shining.

Cut Crystal Drinkware

If you are looking for party drinkware with a sophisticated and shining profile, then the crystal drinkware is perfect for showing off your drinks. In addition, they are the best choice of drinkware for vintage party themes and neutral color party themes. 

Get the crystal drinkware if you want drinkware that glows and shins at the table. Get it at "Smarty Had a Party," as we have a wide variety of drinkware glasses perfect for upscale parties and special occasions. 


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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