Decorated Cookie Gift Boxes

How To Create The Best Cookie Gift Box

If you are looking for last-minute gift ideas, decorated cookie boxes can make adorable gifts to give neighbors, friends, and teachers. They also fit right in at a holiday cookie exchange party, where you and guests can DIY them on the spot, or you can decorate them beforehand for guests to use when taking home a sampling of delicious holiday treats. You could even personalize each box by adding a gift tag.


Honestly, this is the perfect gift to bring to family and friends over the holidays, but why stop there! It’s actually the perfect gift to bring to anyone all year round. I mean, I know December is cookie season, but it's not like people stop liking cookies the rest of the year!




What You Need For Decorated Cookie Gift Boxes:

  • take home boxes
  • ribbon
  • paper
  • scissors
  • baker's twine (optional)
  • napkins
  • cookies


Step 1: First, you'll want to bake up some homemade holiday treats to box up. If you're looking for a new recipe, check out our favorites from our cookie board on Pinterest!
Step 2: Use fun napkins to line the inside of the box and stack up against your yummy cookies inside. For this cookie box, we used the Red Paper Cocktail Napkins. Once the cookies are inside, let the decorating begin!
Step 3: We tied up the cookie box with green and white baker's twine. I love using baker's twine because it evokes that old-fashioned bakery charm and reminds me of fresh-baked goods. Wrap the twine around the box a few times and tie it tightly on top.
Step 4: Now comes the part that will take you back to your childhood...paper snowflakes! If you're like us, you've forgotten how to make those classic paper snowflake cutouts so here's the tutorial we used to refresh memory. If you want to make smaller snowflakes, after you make your 8.5 x 11 paper into a square, cut it into four smaller squares and follow the same steps.
Step 5: When your snowflakes are complete, cut a long piece of ribbon. Lay a paper snowflake on top of the box and tie the ribbon in a bow to keep the snowflake in place. 

Your decorated cookie gift box is complete! Happy holiday crafting and gifting Smarties!


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