Decorated Cookie Gift Boxes

Milena Kukurekovic

How To Create The Best Cookie Gift Box

New Year's and Christmas holidays are when we think the most about creations with which we could surprise our loved ones.

Sweets are what children look forward to the most during the holidays!

For the atmosphere to be completely magical, and especially for the family's youngest members to rejoice the most, you have to prepare a handful of treats and Diakonia that simply seem to say: "eat me." On the other hand, you regret eating them because they look so beautiful. Because of that, your culinary delicacies will make the table a feast for the eyes and bring a part of the magic. Everything is allowed, and nothing is excessive.

So, take out of your kitchen cupboards your most beautiful plates with motifs of Santa Claus, Snow White, sleigh, reindeer, snowflakes, and stars and "throw" into culinary research. Namely, on the Internet, you have many tutorials on making effortless treats that will fascinate the children and then all your guests who will visit you during the holidays. Also, some of these treats can be ideal as a gift.

All you have to do is buy cellophane or use one of the old metal boxes you have left over from biscuits, and there you have it, a nice gift for the time being. Pack the biscuits you have previously kneaded and wrap them in cellophane, tie a red or gold bow, and there you have it, a wonderful gift in which you have "inserted" your love. You can also cover the biscuit box with decorative paper, place your New Year's biscuits or cakes in it, and you will again receive a unique gift for your loved ones. Take a look at our gallery, and you will be inspired by the suggestions. Christmas trees, reindeer, Santa Claus, sleighs, stars, hearts, boots... Use marzipan, cinnamon, or ginger; your whole house will smell like a festive atmosphere. No wisdom is necessary. Make your favorite chocolate balls, but just shape them differently. Add bright candies and colored cream filling, and you will get a phenomenal decoration. Be creative, and you will amaze all the guests.

Decorating cookie boxes can make adorable gifts for neighbors, friends, and teachers if you are looking for last-minute gift ideas. They also fit right in at a holiday cookie exchange party, where you and guests can DIY them on the spot or decorate them beforehand for guests to use when taking home a sampling of delicious holiday treats. You could even personalize each box by adding a gift tag.

Honestly, this is the perfect gift to bring to family and friends over the holidays, but why stop there? It's the ideal gift to bring to anyone all year round. I know December is cookie season, but it's not like people stop liking cookies the rest of the year!

What You Need For Decorated Cookie Gift Boxes:

  • take-home boxes
  • ribbon
  • paper
  • scissors
  • baker's twine (optional)
  • napkins
  • cookies


Step 1: You'll want to bake up some homemade holiday treats to box up. If you're looking for a new recipe, check out our favorites from our cookie board on Pinterest!

Step 2: Use fun napkins to line the box inside and stack up against your yummy cookies. For this cookie box, we used the Red Paper Cocktail Napkins. Once the cookies are inside, let the decorating begin!

Step 3: We tied the cookie box with green and white baker's twine. I love using baker's twine because it evokes that old-fashioned bakery charm and reminds me of fresh-baked goods. Wrap the twine around the box a few times and tie it tightly on top.

Step 4: The part that will take you back to your childhood...paper snowflakes! If you're like us, you've forgotten how to make those classic paper snowflake cutouts, so here's the tutorial we used to refresh your memory. If you want to make smaller snowflakes, after you make your 8.5 x 11 paper into a square, cut it into four smaller squares and follow the same steps. 

Step 5: When your snowflakes are complete, cut a long piece of ribbon. Lay a paper snowflake on top of the box and tie the ribbon in a bow to keep the snowflake in place. 

Origami Cookie Gift box

Origami is an original technique that allows you to make a real masterpiece from an ordinary sheet of white or colored paper that can become a full-fledged interior decoration. Assembling a box for storage or packing with your own hands is easy.

To get started, make sure you have:

  • 2 sheets of paper or cardboard (1 should be a little bigger because the lid is made of it);
  • Simple pen
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

For decoration:

  • Satin ribbon or flowers (can also be made using the origami technique).


It is necessary to draw two lines diagonally (a pencil is used for this purpose, you should not press it hard);

If the sheets are rectangular, before the main work and drawing lines, they should be shaped into a square by cutting off (or by carefully tearing off the lower horizontal strip;

The right corner, located below, should be folded into the center of the resulting square;

The lower part will have to be folded in half again (the guideline is that the edge is located strictly along the diagonal line);

With your fingers, lightly iron the lines along which the fold is made (with light pressure), then unroll the entire workpiece;

Repeat the process with all the other corners (points 3-5);

In the middle, make cuts on both sides (scissors) to the middle of the leaf (along diagonal lines);

The side corners should be bent towards the middle of the sheet so that they approach exactly;

After that, you will have to raise the side parts of the future box;

The rest of the walls are formed by bending the edges towards each other to completely close the square;

The notched edges are inserted into the box.

To make the bottom, you should do the same steps, finally, connect the two parts and decorate the finished craft with the chosen option.


Your decorated cookie gift box is complete! Happy holiday crafting and gifting, Smarties!


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Happy holidays Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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