How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Have?

How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Have?

Milena Kukurekovic

Whether you are throwing an upscale party or inviting your close friends for a casual get-together, the choice of your dinnerware set determines the vibe of your table profile. Your party dinnerware set is more than just a piece of plate set; it can set the entire mood. 

Choosing the perfect dinnerware isn't a daunting task, as long as you know what type of party you are planning. However, it might be challenging to decide "how many dish sets should I have?".

When you are planning to host a large crowd at your house, it's crucial to decide first how many sets of dishes do you own and how many dinnerware sets should you have to have a hassle-free serving. Here's the complete guide on how many sets of dishes should you have, be it for a party or casual household use.

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How Many Dinnerware Sets Should You Have? The Ultimate Guide

Whether it's a party or you are a newlywed building a new home and looking for dinnerware sets. There is no general rule about how many dinnerware sets you should have in stock. 

However, choosing the perfect dinnerware should start by looking at the different styles and designs. Therefore, when buying a dinnerware set, selecting the style, design, and material is the way to start. 

Dinnerware Styles

The style of dinnerware set you choose wouldn't only help you set an elegant table and reflect your personality style. However, you could be looking for two types of dinnerware sets: one for casual day-to-day use and the other for special occasions.

You should be choosy while selecting both styles of dinnerware, as you'll be using them for the long term. The casual dinnerware shouldn't be fancy but rather offer practical benefits. The formal dinnerware style would work best for special occasions like celebrations, birthday parties, and holidays. 

Play with the color and style of the dinnerware to set up an elegant tablescape. While choosing the formal dinnerware set, remember the table's color, texture, surroundings, and the tone of the other things that would sit around the dinnerware set. It would help you go with the perfect dinnerware set that would complement the other decor at a special event. 

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Dinnerware Sets

Many factors should affect your dinnerware set buying decision. Here are essentials you should consider while deciding how many dinner plates should you have.

The Number of People

You don't need two or three plate sets if you're a newlywed couple setting up the entire kitchen from scratch. However, the general rule of thumb for the plates and other dishes always has extras, no matter if you use them for casual use. 

You must at least have 3 to 4 plates and dishes as an extra. So, if dirty dishes are in the kitchen and you need to serve anything, you can immediately pull out other ones.

Available Space

If you have four seats at the table for casual meals, you don't exactly need four plates to set up the table. The dinnerware set comes with the four place settings serving ware. However, you should have extras in stock; if any uninvited guests come out of the blue, you are on the safe side. 

Types of Occasions

For special occasions, you would need separate dishes or dinnerware sets to serve the guests. If you plan for a sit-down dinner, setting up the individual place settings is a formal way to serve. If you have six seats at the table, you must go for ten dinnerware sets to be on the safe side in case you slip the plates out of your fingers or any misshapen.

Moreover, having individual dishes and plates is ideal for the buffet style. How many dishes do you need for the buffet? It depends on the number of dishes you are serving on the menu. For example, if you're serving 3 dishes on the menu, you should have at least 4 plates for each guest. 

The Number of Pieces in a Set

Knowing how many dishes in a set are in the dinnerware you are buying is crucial. Generally, the dinnerware sets come with 20 pieces, perfect for setting up the place settings for 4 people. 

The dinnerware sets include dinner plates, salad, and tea sets. You should be careful about the number of pieces you'll get in the dinnerware you're buying. Moreover, there are also large dinnerware sets that you can use depending on your need. 

Tips to Take Care of Your Dinnerware Sets

When you finally buy the perfect dinnerware sets, you should know how to take care of them so their shine and durability last the longest. Here are some tips that'll help you take off your dinnerware sets. 

  1. Washing the dishes in hard water will leave prominent water spots. Soaking dishes in vinegar prevents water spots.
  2. Stacking the casual plates isn't a big deal. However, your fanciest and elegant dinnerware sets for special occasions might get scratches. Use special storage pads or add a piece of cloth or paper in between to prevent them from getting any scratches.
  3. Ensure the dishes are dishwasher safe if you wash them in the dishwasher. Generally, the dinnerware sets are safe to use in the dishwasher, but you should be sure to be on the safe side.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many sets of dishes do I need for a family of four?

It totally depends on your serving style and personal style. However, for a family of four, 3 - 4 pieces are enough for each member, and six to eight for fancy and formal dining. 

How many dishes are usually in a set?

Generally and mostly, the dinnerware set comes with 20 pieces, enough for four place settings. However, if you are buying individual pieces of plates, the average number of plates in each set is 8 - 12 pieces.

How many dinner plates should you own per person?

Traditionally, it is suggested that three to four plates for each person are optimal. However, this number can increase when you are setting up a formal table.

How many dinnerware sets does a family of 6 need?

If you have 6 seat settings at the dining table, you would have more dinnerware set pieces to be on the safe side, in case you slip any plate out of the finger or any misshapen happens. 

You must have 8 - 10 place settings pieces to set up more place settings for your dining if anyone uninvited shows up.


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