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Smarty’s colorful world of napkins

The one category in Smarty Pants collection which is, for certain, the most colorful and interesting is definitely napkins. Yes, they are, in the end, something that your guests would use to wipe their hands with, but however, you have certainly heard the comments such as: “Oh my God, those are adorable!” when they approach the table. And there is a reason for it.

Napkins are the ones we play with the most when it comes to decorating our dinner setting. We choose colors, textures, pictures on them, motives they have… Whether they are plain color, beige or maroon, classy and sophisticated, or childish with little bears, suns, and flowers on them, all in pink, yellow and green. We all have great fun thinking about what is the best choice for our big baby shower, holiday celebrations, picnics, weddings, or our kid’s birthday party, and they look just lovely next to your finest plastic dinnerware. We place them this way or that way. Normally or upside down. We play with the shapes of the napkins. Make rings, lotus flowers, and beautiful swans out of them.

As our saying goes: Smarty had a party! And Smarty Pants has a great variety of different styles, shapes and colors to meet any of your ideas and ideals. And who knows… Even if you still don’t know what you want, you can, for sure, get the idea out of the napkins motive and style. Bold bordeaux buffet dinner, mediterannean blue beverage, or floral cocktail, paper, polyester or linen… Those are just a few of the countless examples stored in Smarty’s party suitcase.

And the great thing you must enjoy is: They are disposable, and yet don’t have to be. Whether you want to have them for years to come, or throw them away and never see them again. The choice is only yours. Smarty’s job is to create for you. You pick your favorite. Now relax, take a look, and enjoy your time. Smarty Pants does the rest.

Disposable Elegant Napkins

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