Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Setting

Milena Kukurekovic
With the temperature dropping down and the sky showering those fluffy softballs upon us, you should be prepared for the most gorgeous and exciting time of the year. Yes, it is winter with all its fame! Filling your hearts with warmth, joy, and hope, winter is the season of festivities and togetherness. Christmas, the day of fun, families, presents, a cheerful man in a red suit fully clad with white fur, a bear, and a belt buckle will soon be visiting the houses of holiday party planners. So with the holiday season in full zest and Christmas right around the corner, we thought now was the perfect time to channel our inner snow queen and set up a Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Setting to tap into the sensational wintry charm.

The key to any festive holiday table is choosing the right tableware and statement pieces ahead of time, so you're ready to create an elegant and merry table when all of your party guests come knocking. But don't worry, Smarty Had A Party has prepared the perfect Christmas presents for all of you Smarties. We prepare a majestic Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Setting to inspire you and bring the snowy splendor into your party space without the bitter cold. Keep on reading to know exactly how we have arranged an enchanting winter wonderland that elegantly captures the ethereal beauty of the season. And that's not all, Smarties, we also prepared a fantastic Christmas Sale! Use our COUPON CODE: CHRISTMAS20 and get 20% OFF SITEWIDE to supply all the Smarty's disposable partyware you need for the most beautiful and joyful Christmas dinner!

When setting the gorgeous party table for New Year's Eve, every hostess tries to create an atmosphere of glamour and elegance. Some choose a more casual approach, while others prefer a formal setting. But, of course, all of this depends on the type of party you are planning, whether you will serve party food and appetizers on a buffet table and let everyone help with individual portions to each diner. Either way, a decorated table speaks for your attention to detail, respect for the occasion and the people around the table, and desire to create a festive atmosphere so that everybody has a good time.

New Year's Eve party table decor ideas in luxurious silver and gold give you the chance to make something truly special and memorable. Obviously, temperance is the base of good taste. A cautious and considerate approach is needed when you use gold and silver to decorate your festive table. You should not throw every gilded item you have on the party table. Some silver confetti, cones, or deer figurines are enough to add a sparkling glamor.

Winter Wonderland Table Setting

Table decor for Christmas is one of the prime staples for the festive holiday season. Color schemes for Christmas have traditionally leaned on a plethora of red and green. This palette will certainly scream Christmas, but when decorating a winter wonderland table setting, there is no doubt that a soothing white color palette pops into mind. Thus, to imbue a surreal winter wonderland vibe into the setup, we decided to set a wonderland of whitesilverivory, and blue.

Snow-white tablecloth, white dishes, glass accessories, crystal, silver, or gilded cutlery – this table setting is ideal for those who appreciate the classics. It can look classic, modern, elegant, and sophisticated depending on the tablecloth, napkins, the shape of the dishes, cutlery, accessories, ornaments, etc.

We set the ball rolling by creating a base for the tablescape. We decided to throw shimmering blue tones into the mix and swathed a blue tablecloth over the table. Moreover, we have also unfurled a silver crystal table runner along the middle of our tablescape. Next, we bring in white chivari chairs to complement our winter wonderland theme and color scheme.

You can also play on the blue color scheme of this spacious dining room, with its blue velvet upholstered chairs and blue patterned rug, by adding tree sculptures and a centerpiece in icy blue and white tones. The white Christmas tree nearby is decorated and lit with golden tones to add warmth.

As soon as we did, we moved on to the place settings. For the dinnerware, we were in search of plates with unique designs to emulate the distinctive Winter Wonderland Theme. Thus, we took our Silver Charger Plates and paired them with our beautiful Ivory Vintage Disposable Plastic Dinnerware Value Set. To elevate our table arrangements up a notch, we positioned fabulous crystal clear champagne flutes, clear wine glasses, and baroque silver disposable flatware with the plates for an elegant and cohesive winter wonderland table setting. However, when it came to picking dinner napkins, it shouldn't surprise that we have opted for ivory polyester linen napkins that ingeniously tied in with the rest of the decor. And since we were going for a festive look, choosing an elegant diamond napkin ring was an excellent way to add style to the tablescape.

Winter Wonderland Centerpieces 

As far as centerpieces go, traditional designs of Christmas wreaths, poinsettia, and Christmas trees are a reliable way to stay true to the holiday spirit, but centering an enchanting centerpiece that'll highlight the winter wonderland theme was our preference. So we choose a fabulous crystal chain tree centerpiece to make a significant impact. Combining the glistening luster of silver metal with the crystal clarity of dazzling diamond acrylic pendants, this whimsical tree centerpiece will look majestic on the table.
With all that shine, shimmer, sparkle, and glimmer, this tablescape is the perfect embodiment of a winter wonderland theme, isn't it! Now that it is all set, it's time to invite some friends over for dinner. I hope this Winter Wonderland Christmas Table Setting provides a little inspiration for your holiday decorating and entertaining!
With this warm atmosphere and the loved ones around, positive energy, the time is to indulge in magic! Cheers!
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