How to Host a Fun Memorial Day Party?

How to Host a Fun Memorial Day Party?

Milena Kukurekovic

With the advent of the summer comes a memorial day, which is celebrated nationwide in the remembrance of the servants who died for the sake of the country's freedom and peace. The great summer season and a memorial day celebration make it a perfect time to invite your favorite people and throw a fun party. 

Party lovers just need an excuse to throw a party, and what can one think of other than throwing a fun, enchanting party in the summer days. Plus, it's a great way to celebrate memorial day with your friends & family and let the kids learn the importance of this day. 

A memorial day party doesn't necessarily mean listening to patriotic speeches and boring TV shows. Instead, playing different games and fun activities with a patriotic theme is a way to make it feel like a party, so kids are engaged throughout the party. 

Here's a detailed guide on hosting a fun memorial day party and making it look like any other fun party. 

Start off with the Guestlist

Start off your party preparation by creating a guest list. The number of people you would be serving will give you an idea to sharpen your skills accordingly and make arrangements. Many of the party preparations will be based on your guest list, for instance, the number of tables, chairs, tableware, and many more. 

Memorial Day Decorations

You wouldn't want to celebrate the day on the historical memorial day without decorating it. But, the actual celebration starts by decorating your home. And, When it comes to the decorations, having a specific theme to follow up on will provide life to your overall decorations.

For the memorial day party theme, the stars and stripes theme is a famous one, and it justifies the patriotic day's importance with its blue and red color. Follow a start or strip theme for your party and make every inch of decor revolve around it. 

Whether you plan to have a party in your backyard or indoors, stars and strips work for both settings. You will need blue, red, and white decorations supplies like many streamers, balloons, and flowers to dress up your party place. 

Red Blue Pillows

If having a lot of streams and balloons doesn't excite you. Think of working on the interior design of your party place differently. For instance, red and blue pillow covers can provide your party place with a subtle patriotic touch. The best part is that you can repurpose them for different occasions like Christmas parties, Valentine's Day parties, or Labor day. 

Set up Memorial Day Tablescape

Set up an elegant tablescape at your party space to provide your interior with a thematic touch. Just grab the fancy red tablecloth you had for the valentines day party, and spread it over your party table, or you can go with the bandanna to add a subtle patriotic touch to your tablescape. 

You can go with the red, blue, and white table cloth with stripes and stars for a pure patriotic tablescape. Then, elevate your table decor with elegant centerpieces ideas to make your display even more enjoyable. 

Use mason jars, and fill them up with the lemon in such a way, so they look like a painting. Then, use the flowers of your choice to add a little festive touch to your tablescape. We recommend the daisies, as they will be super cool with the mason jars filled up with lemons. 

Patriotic Tableware

Add a "Wow" factor to your tablescape by displaying patriotic tableware found at any crafting store. Patriotic tableware won't explain the story of your party but will make your display an enchanting one. 

You don't need to have a separate patriotic dinnerware set. Instead, you can make your tableware coordinate on the table by having mini party supplies such as mini appetizer plates, mini plastic cups, and mini cutlery.

Smarty has a beautiful broad mini dinner set to display your table's profile next level. Plus, they are disposable. So you wouldn't need to spend hours washing the piles of dishes. 

Fun Memorial Day Party Ideas

What party is it if there's no fun part involved? So make your party an enchanting one by planning fun activities. We have hand-picked some of the best fun party ideas for your memorial day party.

Face Paint

Conduct a face painting activity at your party and encourage kids and adults to get their faces painted. The kids at your party would love you for this. 

You can either hire a professional face painter or provide the parents with the equipment to paint their kids' faces. To make it more interesting for the participants, you can even set the reward for the winner and make it seem like a contest for your guests. 

Magic Show

If you are hosting the kids at the party, then you can never go wrong with the idea of hiring a magician. Entertaining the little ones and gaining their attention is difficult, but arranging a magic show in your backyard is a great way to keep them entertained throughout the party. 

Corn Hole

Corn hole is one of the most famous and entertaining backyard games. So get corn hole boards and paint them with red and blue paint for patriotic touches.

If you don't have one, you can buy it online, as plenty of them are available. Corn hole is a perfect idea to have fun at a BBQ party. Also, it's unnecessary to have a patriotic corn hole board - the choice is all yours.

Eating Contest

Make your guests indulge in the party by arranging an eating contest. The best idea is to have a pie-eating competition, as it is easier to have a lot of them. 

Stock up on different pie varieties and get prepared to clean up the mess. Set a reward for the winner who eats the most pie under a time condition.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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