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5 oz. Clear Plastic Champagne Flutes

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10 oz. Clear Square Plastic Cups

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10 oz. Clear Round Plastic Cups

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8 oz. Crystal Cut Plastic Wine Glasses

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8 oz. Clear Square Plastic Cups

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6 oz. Clear Plastic Martini Glasses

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Drinks are one of the most important parts of any event. Guests usually can’t wait to unwind with a drink in hand while they enjoy the festivities. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday, wine tasting, or other events worth, drinks are a must. Having a great food spread is one thing, but when the corks pop, that’s when the party really starts. Choose disposable plastic cups to serve beverages at your next catered event.

Plastic drinkware, made well, can...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are disposable plastic cups recyclable?

Yes, disposable plastic cups are recyclable. They also make for an easy clean up after events. They have a higher functionality than glass drinkware, being shatter resistant to avoid injury and messes. Along with this, many of our styles mimic fancy drinkware designs.

What are disposable plastic cups made of?

The majority of our disposable plastic cups are made out of strictly BPA-free plastics. Additionally, the majority are at a recycling grade of #6 PS Polystyrene, which can be reusable plastics.

Are plastic glasses safe to drink from?

Yes, plastic glasses are safe to drink from. In crowded or lively parties, they won’t pose much of a threat to party guests if dropped like drinkware made of glass will. You don’t sacrifice safety to fit your party theme when choosing plastic glasses.

How to decorate plastic cups for a party?

Begin by creating a base with a design or brainstorming a completely new event for inspiration. Choose from a variety of materials for your decorations, such as paint, vinyl, or glitter. Then, rinse the plastic cup with soap and water, rubbing alcohol, and a cotton swab before drying everything off. Make sure your decorations and designs are ready to go on the glass. You may then use glitter to give it a more elevated aspect. You'll have your personalized plastic cups once everything is dry. These can be given to family, friends, or even a gift to yourself!