The Best Ways to Decorate Wedding Chairs

The Best Ways to Decorate Wedding Chairs

Milena Kukurekovic

When it comes to the wedding decor, every little detail matters; the same goes for the chairs. Imagine decorating every inch of your wedding party space but leaving the chairs undecorated. Chairs are where your guests would come in contact while sitting and gossiping. 

They are pretty easy to decorate within no time. In fact, with a little effort, they can immediately transfer the entire scene of the event. So, in 2022, if you are looking for ways to decorate wedding chairs, we have covered you with a list of the best ways to do so. 

Stick to the end, and incorporate your personality style in your wedding chairs, so they match your wedding decor too. 

DIY Ribbon Chairs Decor

If you have white chairs at the event to decorate, the colorful and vibrant ribbons and streamers will work best. The colorful streams on the elegant white chairs will make them stand out in the scene by giving them celebratory touches.

Source color streamers matching your wedding color scheme and start hooking the streamers with the chairs. Use elastic bands or threads to tie them up with the chairs firmly. 

Lace & Burlap for Rustic Wedding 

For the rustic wedding theme, lace and burlap for a rustic wedding is the perfect way to make the chairs stand out in the scene. Lace and burlap together create a beautiful combination. 

To decorate your chairs with this idea, take lace and burlap of significant size enough to wrap the chair just like a ribbon. First, overlap the lace on the burlap and wrap it around the chair before tying them together—Tuck in a beautiful flower that matches the color scheme of your decor.

You can be as creative with this idea as you want. Like, use vibrant lace colors that match the color scheme or create a contrast with it. Moreover, You can also use the printed lace, which has different check prints on its fabric. They are pretty famous for wedding decor. 

Wooden Slabs

Sometimes to make things attractive and eye-catching, you have to try unconventional things. And wooden slabs are one of them. Wooden slabs with signs or names and earthy tones are the perfect way to decorate the wedding chairs for earthy weddings. 

Match the wooden slabs with the table cloths and the chair covers to make things communicate formally in the scene. Then, take advantage of the wooden slabs by putting elegant calligraphy on them — maybe your guest's names or just Mrs and Mr. 

Play with the Table's Top

Playing with just the chairs' decor won't complete your wedding decor. Instead, the table plays an essential role in completing the scene. And an elegant table with an enchanting centerpiece and classy serving wares pleases the guests and makes them relax. 

Play with the table's top by putting some enchanting centerpiece according to your wedding theme. Then, cover the table's space with elegant serving wares to complete the table's profile. 

Looking for classy wedding serving wares? Smarty Had a Party is a perfect super online store to get them. We have a wide range of fancy plasticware sets ideal for special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and upscale parties. 

Elegant Floral Decor

Green garland and flowers are the best way to bring freshness to any decorative item. And, when it is about the wedding events, flowers are pretty relatable as they are the element of romance. So, decorate the chairs with a significant size of green garland. 

You can quickly source the green garland from the farmer's market. Then, incorporate fresh or artificial flowers to add a refreshing touch to the chair's decor. 

You can use as many flowers as you want, but try to create a contrast of flower colors with the wedding color scheme or make them coordinate by matching. 

Create Contrast 

Chairs work pretty well to decorate the chairs for special events like weddings. Having matching covers to the table's cloth is an old thing. If you want to try something unique and unconventional, that'll make the chairs eye-catching. 

Consider creating a color contrast between the chairs' covers and the table's cloth. Whether you are going to have a neutral theme or a vibrant one, you can never go wrong with this decor idea.

Wool Warmth

Are you planning your wedding in the winter? Here's the best chair decor idea to provide your chairs with elegant touches yet make them sit comfortably and cozy. They'll help you and your guests stay warm if you plan your wedding outdoors. 

Play with the color tone of the wool covers for the chairs to make them stand out in the scene. All you need is to get the wool-made chair covers and wrap up both sides of the chairs. You can also repurpose them for holiday parties, birthdays, or any special occasion.

Floral Wreath

Planning a simple yet elegant theme for the wedding? Cover the chairs with a floral wreath strung with an elegant ribbon. You make plenty of them at home or can purchase them from farmer's markets. 

For the new element, incorporate the flowers and be diverse with them to add vibrancy to the decor. Google up things or take inspiration from Pinterest, as there are plenty of ideas to create gorgeous floral wreaths for the chairs and the entire wedding decor.

You can also make the wreath with disposable plasticware plates. Just put the simple wreath on the plates and hang them on the back of the chairs. Put flowers on the wreath to beautify it. 

Get disposable plasticware at a fraction of the cost at "Smarty Had a Party." We have a wide range of plasticware products that you can't only use for the DIY decor projects for your wedding but to serve the guests with style. 

Palm Leaves

Who thought large palm leaves could be used to decorate wedding chairs? Well, we thought about them, and they look lovely and create a perfect combo with the wooden chairs. 

The couple at a Mexico destination wedding loved this decoration. All you need are the enormous palm leaves to cover the back of the chairs. This is the perfect decor to make the chairs stand out if you use wooden chairs. 

The palm leaves and the wooden chairs' texture create the perfect combo and transform the look of your entire wedding event space. Of course, you don't have to stick to the fresh palm leaves, but artificial ones would also work well. 


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