Party Supplies You Need for an Elegant Wedding

Party Supplies You Need for an Elegant Wedding

Milena Kukurekovic

Your wedding is not just another event in your life; it has to go smoothly from start to end. For an entire wedding event to go without any mishap, one has to do a lot of work which requires planning before time. You have to look after hundreds of purchases are to be made - you cannot do all that before a week or two.

We are here to help you with every detail of planning an elegant wedding and making a purchasing checklist.

Floral Decor and Foliage

Whether rustic or luxurious, romantic or elegant, a breath of nature in the form of flowers is unavoidable at every wedding. Nothing can contribute as much to the visual definition of space as green onions (or flowers) - especially if you plan to say YES outdoors.

Great emphasis is placed on the combination of style and simplicity, which should be represented in the right measure. The complete opposite of the trend that emphasizes simplicity and traditional flower bouquets! Reception tables are decorated with a wide variety of flowers (but also with feathers and other decorations) based on the principle: the more colorful, the better. Of course, each table will have its unique decoration, so all the tables look different and wild! The most essential prerequisite for that is freshly picked seasonal flowers.

Almost everyone enjoys flowers, especially at weddings, so why not give each guest a flower? You can make a panel from which your guests will choose a flower for the lapel, but also keep the traditional idea of being decorated by your cousin. We are also interested in unusual flower arrangements and flower crowns for guests ...

Nothing competes with flowers when it comes to decorating a wedding venue. They have always been included in wedding decor lists, but their trend has increased more than ever. You can place them in a rustic vase to give more of a vintage look to your wedding venue. They can also be used to cover the walls, giving them a makeover.

Another essential decoration that complements the flowers is the foliage. The beautiful color of foliage enhances the look of flower centerpieces and gives an elegant look altogether.

Lights and Candles

Modern newlyweds who want an urban wedding can always opt for light installations that will decorate the space. For example, bulbs can be made around the structure you have planned for the altar and crucified along with the ceiling or walls. In any case, don't forget to separate the altar decoration from the rest of the space in some way, but to stay consistent in style.

Inevitable as an ornament, but also to give the space unobtrusive, soft and romantic lighting - light bulbs! To give your industrial glam wedding the necessary flair, place them in large numbers along with the ceiling, make a curtain of light bulbs above the tables, or, what not, wrap them with a bow in front of which you will say YES.

Lights play an essential part in creating a visual balance in a wedding. String lights are your go-to if you are throwing an outdoor, daytime wedding. You can also use lanterns and line them up in an outdoor venue to give a welcoming, warm effect.

Candles are yet another traditional decoration like flowers, and they never fail to beautify a wedding venue. On tables, create a height with tall candles, and you will have a beautiful wedding table.

Invitation Cards

Invitation cards are more like the first impression of your wedding. So you should get them beautifully printed, and their text should also be captivating. You can also write something funny, of course on the lighter side, to cheer them up. 

Altar Decorations

The corner that will be set aside for your wedding should stand out from the rest of the space, not so much in style but the intensity of decoration. Since the space will be specially decorated on your wedding day, you can use it to take magical photos with the guests at the wedding. 

For lovers of boho aesthetics, the ideal decoration is macrame - a specific embroidery used to make wall decorations for sailors with rope; you can use them to make an altar. Couples who hold weddings outdoors often use a Persian rug to mark where they want the corner for the bride and groom. Another idea for decoration is to make your altar construction from two wings of an old door, it will give a rustic look, and it is not difficult to get and prepare them. Finally, an antique chandelier hung on a branch for a wedding on a glade, and a fireplace or an antique cupboard or desk serve to achieve a vintage look of the altar.

Linen Tablecloths

Tablecloths play an essential part in creating the formal look a wedding table requires. Get beautiful linen tablecloths from Smarty and allure your wedding tables. Our napkins are available in many colors, so you can match or contrast them with your tablecloths.

Disposable Serving Utensils

Speaking of the wedding tables, we must talk about the tableware also. Premium-quality tableware should be purchased for a wedding because it's the demand of an event like that. This does not mean you must outdo your budget and spend too much on tableware. Get Smarty's plastic to serve ware for weddings and make your tables stand out.

Have a look at our elegant plastic serving trays and plastic serving bowls, and only then will you know how ravishing they are. Also, our disposable wedding party supplies make it easier for you to get rid of them once you have used them.

The Wedding Cake

You will also have to include cake decorations and cake stands in your party planning list. Gladly, we have the most beautiful cake stands for you to display your wedding cake exceptionally.


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