Brighten Up Your Fall Tables

Milena Kukurekovic

Awesome Citrus Magic Centerpiece

If you are planning a casual fall party, a cool family dinner, wedding reception, or get together with your friends, then you need to give your party a refreshing makeover. If you have been searching for some creative inspired place setting ideas to elevate the aesthetics of your fall tables and to add a vibrant vibe that will cheer up the whole ambiance, then you'll be thrilled with this centerpiece idea!

Centerpieces are those magical accents that bring life to any lackluster table and highlight the aesthetics of your tablescapes. Therefore, Smarty Had A Party has prepared this tutorial on creating a funky centerpiece with lots of colors - and the best part - it smells just as good as it looks! 

Adding oranges, lemons, and limes to fresh flower arrangements has become very popular for weddings, showers, and events. A super fun and easy way to do this is by lining your vase with citrus slices. This Awesome Citrus Magic Centerpiece is made with flowers in fuchsia and maroon. We simply bought a couple of bouquets - you can choose any flowers you like for yours. It’s so fresh and cute. And best of all, it took minutes to make.





Step 1:
Choose your centerpiece vase. We had this tall, skinny one sitting around the office. It was perfect for long-stemmed flowers.
Step 2: 
Slice your limes. Depending on how large of a vase you use, you'll need more (or less). For this particular centerpiece, we used about seven limes. Thicker slices seemed to work better for me than thinner ones.
Step 3: 
Line the bottom of your vase with your first layer of limes. Pull together your bouquet - you can use it as-is from the store, or if you are brave, arrange one all on your own.
Smarty Tip: When cutting flower stems, submerge them in room-temperature water and cut them while submerged. They will last longer. Always use a clean cut with a good pair of scissors, and cut at an angle if possible.  
Step 4:
Once you've bundled your flowers to your liking, use a rubber band to secure the bouquet tightly. Since these are taller flowers with long stems, I'm using two - one at the top and one around the bottom.
Step 5:
Slide your bouquet into the vase and start stuffing with lime slices until you reach the top.  Once there, you might want to use half slices to fill in the gaps at the edge.  Last, add water.
Smarty Tip: Try not to create your centerpiece too far ahead of time - the water will drain the color from the limes. If you need to make a centerpiece (or centerpieces) further in advance, you can use flowers that have the small tubes at the bottom and not worry about filling the vase. 



Surround your centerpiece with these colorful beauties - Smartyware Square Plates:   

SM Coral Plate SM Tropical Blue Plate SM Burnt Organge Plate SM  Yellow Plate



Complementary Smarty Plasticware:

What do you think of these charming centerpieces? Share your ideas with us!


With love Smarty had a Party!

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