What Is the Purpose of a Charger Under a Plate?

What Is the Purpose of a Charger Under a Plate?

Milena Kukurekovic

You might have seen a larger plate under a regular plate at a fancy restaurant, wedding party, or another formal event. There is a purpose of placing a charger plate underneath a regular dinner plate.

Firstly, charger plates elevate the tablescape decor and add finishing touches to it. Secondly, it’s placed there to provide a hassle-free dining experience to the guests. Thirdly, it prevents crumbs, food pieces, and spills from falling on the tablecloth.

They Act as a Plate Holder

The basic purpose of using the charger plates is to ensure the dining service is up to the mark. As charger plates are placed underneath the diner plates, there are fewer chances of food crumbs and spills falling on the expensive tablecloth that you use on special occasions.

Moreover, they prevent the heat from coming in contact with the table. If you are using charger plates, then you don’t need to worry about burning your tablecloth while serving smoky dishes.

So, next time when you have spread the expensive table cloth, make sure to have a set of charger plates.

Can Elevate Your Table’s Decor

Without the charger plates, your table would look incomplete, as you might notice a vacant place on your table. To fill those gaps and to add aesthetics to your table’s decor, charger plates can play an important role.

Charger plates come in a bigger size than the regular plates with a difference of 3 inches, making the perfect serving ware that will make your table look occupied and complete.

What are Common Charger Plates Features?

When it comes to buying the right charger plates for your next party, there are a few things that you need to consider to fall on the perfect charger plates for your table’s decor. Before you get out on the hunt for the charger plates, ask yourself these questions to determine what type of charger plates you need. 

Determine the Shape

Most charger plates come in round and square shapes. Take the clue from your theme and partyware that you have at home to determine what shape will cooperate with them.

Also, charger plates come in various designs and styles that vary with the trends. When you are planning to buy charger plates for your next party, make sure to determine the designs and styles that would cooperate with the theme of your party.

Decide on Material

As with your regular dinner plates, charger plates also come in various materials. That’s why it’s crucial to decide on the material when you are planning to buy the charger plates for your next party. Charger plates made of ceramics are usually high quality and offer easy maintenance. However, they come at a higher price tag, which makes them quite expensive.

Moreover, fancy disposable charger plates are the most affordable ones in the market. Disposable paper charger plates and plastic plates are most for single-use that offer minimal after-party mess.

If you are looking for charger plates at affordable prices, whether you want to buy charger plates in bulk or a single set, “Smarty had the Party” has got you back. We have a wide variety of charger plates that come in various designs, styles, and patterns.


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