Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fancy Biodegradable Plates

Guide to Choosing the Perfect Fancy Biodegradable Plates

Sam Chun

Hello, Smarties! We thought of talking about a particular aspect of a party with you all today. To host a good party, you have to cover these main elements; invitation, a venue, decoration, good food, right dinnerware, and entertainment. While almost all these elements are manageable, dinnerware is where people face problems. Some of you don't own a lot of dinnerware, or renting out porcelain dinnerware is too expensive. Even if you rent the necessary tableware, you must be careful when handling them, for you will have to pay an extra fee for damages. And having to stress about the containers carrying your food won't allow you to savor your delicious food completely. That's why, when any special occasions are coming up in your life, having disposable cutlery and plates is a more convenient, budget-friendly, and stress-free option for serving food than glass tableware. However, some of you might be unfavorable of paper plates. Your issue lies with them often ending up in landfills because some people don't properly dispose of them.

Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives on the market, including biodegradable plates and eco-friendly plates. So, without further ado, let us help you choose suitable disposable dinnerware that satisfies your needs and your conscience. Here, we have given how these alternatives are made and what you can and can't serve. We believe it will help you choose the perfect fancy biodegradable plates. But first, you need to,

Understand Why Biodegradable Plates Are Environmentally Friendly

Non-biodegradable materials like Styrofoam impact the environment before they even reach the market. Manufacturing them disrupts nature, and after these materials end up in landfills, they still cause damage to the environment. In addition to the toxins released to the environment in the production phase, these styrofoam disposables release chemicals into the ground even when decomposing. It takes up to a minimum of 50 years to make its way into nearby water streams and contaminate the supply.

In contrast to paper and styrofoam plates, Biodegradable plates are made from natural materials. Almost every material used in biodegradable products is renewable. Also, the companies that manufacture biodegradable dinnerware pay attention to not disrupting nature even in the manufacturing phase. 

With the rise of sustainability, environmentally conscious manufacturers are starting to use palm leaves, bamboo, and sugar cane to replace the harmful materials of the past. Using these materials, companies can create eco-friendly plates that can biodegrade fast and even serve as compost for plant soil.

Now that you have got to know the importance of biodegradable tableware. Let's go through some benefits you can enjoy from them. 

Know the Benefits of Using Palm Leaf Plates

Palm Leaf is a good material because it grows quickly and can replenish itself shortly after harvest. The plant's sheaths are used in manufacturing palm leaf plates. The manufacturers must collect the fallen sheaths, give them a good clean and then put them to boil. The plates are given their shape after laminating, for which no chemicals are used.

You can use palm leaf plates at any outdoor event, such as a birthday party, barbecue, or family reunion. Fancy biodegradable plates have a better appearance and more robust capabilities than paper plates, and they work great for any type of food. The durability of palm leaf makes it great for serving hot, wet, or heavy food. Since the materials used are natural and manufacturing doesn't contain chemicals, these plates are sustainable and biodegradable. After it becomes waste, or simply put, when you discard your disposables, they degrade in less than six months. You should definitely add them to your compost pit or pile to feed your plant friends! 

Realize the Importance of Palm Leaf Plates 

The most common plant manufacturers use to make disposable tableware is the Areca Palm tree because the leaves fall off the tree regularly. Fronds from the Areca Palm are enormous and are an excellent source for creating plates. Creating these plates involves cleaning the fallen leaves, washing them with water, and letting the leaves air dry. Once the leaves are dry, they are stretched by hand and flattened. Then they are put through a heated press to make into different shapes. One leaf is used to make several plates. This reduces the number of scraps.

We must appreciate the manufacturers for their efforts; they wash these leaves three times, most of the time with just water. Sometimes they wash the leaves once with turmeric mixed water. The plate-making process involves no chemicals, so palm leaf plates biodegrade easily within 90 days. You can serve all your room temperature food and snacks no matter how heavy they are on these plates.

Although palm leaf plates don't become soggy, they are unsuitable for hot foods. That said, palm leaf plates are unsuitable to put in the microwave. Nonetheless, they are one of the most environmentally friendly solutions for serving food with disposable material.

What Do You Need to Know About Sugarcane Plates?

These sturdy and compostable disposable plates are made from the remainder of sugarcane after they are pressed for juice. These products only take 90 days to biodegrade. Since these products are heat tolerant, you can microwave your food in them.

Apart from those mentioned above three biodegradable plates, there's one more much lesser know biodegradable plate you can purchase. They are made from wheat straw. Wheat straw is mixed with lignin or made into a pulp and then made into different shapes. These plates are strong and take up to six months to biodegrade.  

Overall, if you want to benefit the environment while staying away from washing a ton of dishes, biodegradable plates let you have your cake and eat it too. After learning about various options in this guide to choosing the perfect fancy biodegradable plates, it's time to purchase them for your next event! 


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