Guide to a Perfect Place Setting

Guide to a Perfect Place Setting

Milena Kukurekovic

The perfect Place Setting can leave a great impression on your guests or customers. Whether you own a restaurant or love to host parties for your family and friends, the place setting is basic etiquette that you should be considering and setting your table accordingly. 

Great place settings with everything laid down in the right position and place will give your guests or customers an idea – of what to expect in the meal. 

To help you achieve the desired profile of your table, we have composed a detailed guide.

Read on to find out general rules & tips about how you should be setting your table for both special and casual occasions. 

Basic Table Place Setting Etiquettes

Basic table settings are perfect for everyday dining with family and friends. It’s the easiest table setting and can be set up without requiring a lot of effort and utensils. However, whether it’s a casual meal or an upscale dinner party – proper table settings will provide a clean look to your table. 

To make sure you aren’t leaving even the little details in your place settings, here’s how you should be shaping basic table settings. Also, get elegant plasticware to serve with style and honor.


Firstly, your regular/dinner plates are in the center and on the top of a mat. Charger plates are mostly used for formal table settings, but if you have one or you feel like having them on your table, then place the chargers first. On the charger plates, come your regular dinner plates.


For the basic table settings, you don’t need to fret about it because it doesn’t require a lot of serving ware. When it comes to placing your flatware, forks go on the left side of the dinner plates. Spoon and knife go on the right side of the plate, so it’s easier for the right hand to access them. Make sure to place the knife in the way its sharp side is facing the spoon. 


As it’s a basic table setting, keep it casual and don’t make it stuffy. Drinkware place settings depend on the menu you are serving. If you have drinks on the menu, you need a glass to be placed on top of the knife – one for water and one for drinks you are serving. 

Casual Table Place Setting Etiquettes

Casual table place settings are best for dinner parties with family and friends. Also, such types of table place settings are mostly used in restaurants. If you have invited your friends or family to the dinner party to spend quality time, consider casual table place settings. 

Casual table place settings are a bit similar to the basic place setting, but it’s one step ahead of it when it comes to achieving an appealing look at your table. 

Plate Settings 

For the casual table place settings, serving wares aren’t laid down before the guests sit on the table. However, similar to the basic settings service, a plate is laid down for casual table place settings. 

For providing your table with the finishing touches, you can use the charger plates by placing them under the serving place and 3 inches away from the table’s edge. The butter place will go on the top left side of the service plate. 

Flatware Settings 

You will need to lay down two forks on the left side of the service plate - one for the main course and one for salad or dessert. Take a note that the fork farthest from the service plate is for the salad or dessert, while the fork nearest to the service plate is for the use of the main course. 

Similar to the basic place settings, the spoon and knife go on the right side of the plate, but the knife is placed nearer to the place in a position its blade faces the plate. The spoon goes on the right side of the knife. However, the butter fork is placed on the butter plate in such a way that its blade faces the forks, placed along with the service plate. 


For casual settings, place two glasses on the top of the knife. Place one water goblet along with the wine glass. 

Formal Place Settings

Formal place settings are ideal for upscale parties, wedding parties, and business parties. For the formal place settings, remember a rule not to include more than three utensils on the table’s top, or it will make it look stuffy. 

Make sure you have this rule in your mind setting your table for a formal event. Also, get our plasticware for parties to make sure you have all the essentials for serving your guests. 

Formal Plate Settings

When you are setting formal place settings, the service plate goes in the center of the place settings while your butter plate is laid down above the forks that will be placed on the left side of the service plate. 

Moreover, the charger plates are the most important tableware pieces that come in handy in providing a polished look to your tabletop. 

Whether you are hosting a wedding party or any business party, make sure to have our plasticware sets to serve your guests with style. Our plasticware products come in a variety of designs and styles. Meaning, you will have a wide variety to select the perfect serving ware for your party. 


The formal setting requires three forks to be placed on the left side of the service plate. However, the number of the fork depends on the menu you are serving. When it comes to choosing the number of utensils for formal settings try to stick to the three. 

The spoon and knife are laid down on the right side of the service plate. If you are serving fish, two knives should be placed along with the dinner spoon and soup spoon.


As with most other place settings, drinkware is most likely to go on the top of your spoons and knife. However, if there isn’t more room, you can place it wherever it suits you.

Make sure to keep them in your reach, so they don’t have to disturb others while accessing the glasses. Also, you can have three glasses for formal place settings.


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