7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas

7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas

Milena Kukurekovic

The goal of a wedding shower is to honor the Bride by showering her with presents while the groom is not there. Therefore, this gathering is expected to have an all-female guest list that includes older relatives who aren't usually invited to bachelorette parties.

The bridal shower, in our opinion, is one of the most beautiful pre-wedding events: a low-key affair when everyone meets up and gets to know one another before the big day.

Below, we'll go over everything you need to know about bridal shower wine glass ideas, including whether they're mandatory and who pays for them.

7 Fun Bridal Shower Wine Glass Favors & Ideas

Bridal shower wine glass favors are not mandatory, but they are a great way to thank your guests. If you provide one, keep it simple; a personalized tiny bottle of your favorite champagne or a scented candle is an excellent choice.

1. Groom's And Bride's Painted Wine glass

These drinkware glasses can be used to congratulate the Bride and groom on their wedding night, providing a memory for the rest of their lives together. The supplies you need to include are a fine paintbrush, scissors, wine glasses, paper towels, white vinegar, and a small cup. You can paint the glass with any kind of your favorite design or style.

2. Fancy Glittered Wine Glasses

It is one of the most elegant bridal shower wine glass favors. Add some caramel wine to a pair of glittered wine glasses, and you've got yourself the ideal host gift.

Dip the entire collaged wine glass stem into the glitter, softly wiping off excess glitter. Allow time for drying. Brush a thin glue coating over the glitter once it has dried to prevent it from shedding.

3. Snowflake Wine Glass

Snowflakes in blue melting into white on each hand-painted wine glass bowl look fascinating. The glass base would be painted in a delicate blue and white combination with snowflake motifs.

4. Star Succulents Bridal Shower Favors

Succulents are a guaranteed gift that your guests will be able to keep long after the celebration is done because they are long-lasting and they match the aesthetic in many homes and rooms. These are delivered as a kit and require some DIY effort to plant each succulent into the attached handcrafted wooden box. However, the outcome is well worth the effort.

5. Lace And Pearl Wine Glass

Who doesn't love lace and pearls, especially when displayed in such a stylish way? Personalized wine glasses with lace and pearls make oh-so-elegant favors for bachelorette parties. Embellishing jewels on your wine glass gives a classy look to impress all your party guests. This gorgeous wine glass is the perfect DIY for the Bride to be.

6. Quotes Painted Wine Glass

You can use paint and the permanent markers to have your favorite quote written/painted on your wine glass. Seeing this will make you smile every time as it has your all-time favorite saying on it.

7. Beach Themed Wine Glass

The supplies you need for a beach-themed wine glass include a small glass plate, seashells, pringles can, sand, beads, and charms. Be crafty and create your favorite designs to make the glass look alluring. You can portray the sunset, the sunrise, or any other beach vistas you like!

Stemless Wine Glasses Make an Excellent Bridal Shower Favor

With our various collections of unique plastic wine glasses in bulk and gifts, you can create the perfect stemless wine glass favors for your party! Several designs are available, including wedding, bridal, personalized, anniversary, and family events. 

Here are some lovely DIY stemless wine glasses ideas for bridal shower favors:

  • Beautiful, handcrafted wine glasses with beautiful colored dots are an excellent way to enjoy a refreshing beverage. The attractive design catches eyes and will be a fantastic bar house decoration.
  • A lovely set of stemless wine glasses with a stunning, colorful pattern at the bottom is an excellent option for wine glass favors for bridal showers. The glasses must be hand-blown and hand-painted with great care, making them valuable antiques.
  • Your old wine glass can be used to make a lovely centerpiece. Place a few flat beads on top of the glue. To add variety and charm, use flat beads of various sizes. Beneath the bowl of the wine glass, tie a ribbon into a bow. Using hot glue, add a gleaming decoration to the bow. Use a color that matches your theme.

Personalize the Wine Glasses for the Bride-to-Be

You can personalize the wine glasses for your Bride-to-be by using the following tips:

  • Choose a style for picking the wine glasses that appeal to you (stemless, crystal cut, elegant, modern, etc.).
  • Do you need a certain number of stemless glasses? Suppose you're ordering for a special event or party. We recommend adding 10 to 15 extra glasses to your order (depending on the size of your order) in case of breakages during transportation or on the day.
  • Think about the occasion for your stemless glasses and whether you want the style to match (for example, if it is a wedding, choose a more elegant style, but if it is a bridal show, you can also choose something more current).
  • Allow plenty of time to design, manufacture, and deliver the stemless wine glasses. To determine how long the order will take to process and complete, read all product information and details.
  • Our standard recommendation is to order your glasses 4-6 weeks ahead of time. 
  • You can engrave the initials of the Bride's name on the wine glass.

A Few Extra Bridal Shower Wine Glass Ideas for the Road

Here are some additional easy wine glass bridal shower favor ideas that you can follow:

  • Hand-painted polka dots wine glasses. Are you the type of artist that enjoys using paint on nearly any surface or medium and incorporating it into as many different types of crafts as possible? If that's the case, we think you'll love the polka dot-inspired paint-dotted wine glasses, which can be made using finger painting techniques and take you back to your crafty childhood days!
  • Do you want to paint your wine glasses, but you're out of flake-free paint? If you have an extensive collection of nail polish colors in your cosmetics cabinet, you can decorate the glass however you like.

Lastly, set your table with stylish and refined eco-friendly party supplies to serve your guests some delicious food and make the bridal shower worth remembering. 


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