The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Drinkware

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Drinkware

Milena Kukurekovic

Whether you are throwing a casual party for friends and family or planning to celebrate the celebration of any special event, after deciding on the drinking menu and stocking up on it, the last thing you need is appropriate drinkware. 

To fully enjoy your drinks and get the most out of them, it's necessary to have the correct type of drinkware for your party drinks menu. 

Did you ever wonder why the standard coffee mug isn't suitable for your coffee drinking experience while commuting? Well, if you know a little about the coffee, you would have already understood the reason behind; why you have stock on the proper drinkware collection. 

Glasses for Red Wine 

When it comes to choosing the drinkware collection, people often misunderstand it, as it's all about merely getting the more stylish or trendy glasses. 

However, it's a wrong conception regarding the drinkware. Your drinking experience can quickly improve or worsen depending on the glasses you have in your drink. 

Similarly, the red wine glasses are specially designed for carbonated drinks that need to be an opened mouth glass, so the oxygen can get into the glass to interact with the substance of the drink. 

This is precisely where the magic happens. Your drink must interact with the oxygen to breathe and release aromatic particles for a better aroma and taste. And, the red wine glasses are perfect for such scenarios where you are concerned about making your drink breathe. 

Moreover, these types of glasses come with short stems, and there's a different story and logic behind them. To get the most out of your carbonated drink, it must be at an optimal temperature, and the short stem of these glasses enables you to transfer the heat from your hands.

Glasses for White Wine

When it comes to the white wine glasses, they are slightly different from the red wine glasses, and the reason behind it is legit. The red wine glasses are designed to provide your drinks with more room for the oxygen and your nose to get in, but the white wine glasses are contrary to this.

White wine glasses come with a slightly narrow opening, which helps keep the contents of the drink from escaping the glass bowl. However, the bowls of the white wine glasses are somewhat taller, so your nose can get closer to the beverage. 

Moreover, white wine glasses are a perfect choice for beverages that should be served at room temperature. The long stem of the glasses provides you an ideal grip spot for your hands to prevent them from transferring any body heat to your beverage. 

The stem size of the red and white wine glasses is one of the prominent differences. However, the size of the glasses doesn't look different, but the bowl and the stem do. 

We have a wide variety of fancy disposable stemware in different designs and styles. So look around to get stylish drinkware at your doorstep without making shopping trips. 

Champagne Flutes

The champagne flutes are always in demand, and their graceful and elegant shape and body dimensions make them the perfect drinkware for mocktails. However, they are usually tall and come with a slender shape. And, when it comes to their bottom, they are stemmed glasses. 

However, when it comes to champagne flutes' bowls, they come with a narrow opening to provide a bubbliness to your drinks. 

If you want to watch your drink dance in the glass, then the champagne flutes are the perfect choice to fall for, as the narrow opening of the bowl keeps the content of the drink last longer. 

Moreover, there are furthermore types of champagne flutes drinkware. The most renowned ones are champagne coupe, tulip, wide tulip, and trumpet. 

When buying the drinkware, keep in mind what kind of beverages you would be serving, so the drinkware can justify the taste and drinking experience accordingly. For example, get stylish disposable champagne flutes at a fraction of the cost from an online superstore "Smarty Had a Party."

Champagne Coupe

Champagne coupe glasses were famous in the 20th century, but their demand surpassed with the advent of the champagne flutes. 

The coupes are considered the vintage drinkware type - primarily seen in the fancy restaurants and royal setups. The coupes come with a pretty wide rim and a shorter stem size.

Many people think these aren't suitable for carbonated drinks when you expect the flavor elements and aromatic experience from your drinks. The wider opening of the drinks makes the carbonation process quite harder difficult. 

However, these are best for the scenarios where you want the bubbles to rise to the top and dance, and long-lasting aromatic activation isn't a concern.

Champagne Tulip

When it comes to serving the mocktails and preserving the drink's contents is a concern, champagne tulip always works best. However the tulips are pretty similar to the flutes, but the main difference is the curved bowl meeting the stem. 

They come with a tall bowl with a narrow opening - making it possible for the drinkware to hold the beverage contents inside the glass for a more extended period. Champagne tulips work best for celebration parties.  


When it comes to serving the mocktails, spirit, and mixed beverages full of sprinkles and ice cubes, you can never go wrong with the tumblers. They come with quite a big opening and a stemless base, making them the best choice for the drinks you don't have to swirl.

The wider rim and a big bowl size to hold the more significant amount of drink make it a perfect drinkware choice for mixed beverages, and ice needs to be used for a better drinking experience. 

Tumblers can be a perfect gift for those who have every type of drinkware collection. The tumblers come in different styles, especially the decorated glass cut design is quite popular and best for upscale parties. 

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Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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