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Rustic Winter White Setting

As we rap up the year and begin to make the transition into a new one, ours is to share a few winter party inspirations. These rustic pieces can also ease  you into Spring and Summer when surrounded by green moss instead of snow. 

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Watermelon Party Hat DIY Tutorial

Hey Smarties! This is such a great idea for your little one’s birthday. Watermelon party hats are colorful, chic, and very funny and would look great on any party theme especially if your kid’s birthday is in summer. It’s quite an easy DIY project, doesn’t take too much time and doesn’t require a lot of supplies which are pretty easy to find.

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DIY: Treasure Chest Party Favors

Here's the thing about party favors… People love them! So, after hosting that pirate themed party (or any type of party for that matter), send your guests home with mini treasure chests filled with goodies.

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