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At Smarty Had a Party, we've mastered the look of elegance at a fraction of the cost, all for your full advantage. Our palm leaf dinnerware simulates expertly carved woodwork for single-use purposes. Our durable plastic champagne flutes are crystal-clear but not crystal fragile. So, it should be no surprise that we now present fine linen-like disposable napkins and tablecloths in clean whites that require no bleach or scalding hot water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do linen-like party supplies look and feel like real linens?

This is such an important question when shopping online! Yes, these do really look and feel like classic linens. However, most people are impressed with how impressive and realistic they do look, which is going to make these the logical choice when you need something perfect for a high-end occasion that is in progress.

Do I have to care for linen-like party supplies after the party?

No! These are disposable linen-like tablecloths, so you can wrap up all of our disposable dinnerware supplies in them and throw the entire bundle away without a second thought. Great for those events that have exceptionally long lists of guests or a lot of tables!

Why should I choose disposable tablecloths?

Because you have more important things to worry about, first and foremost, these are designed to help each party host focus on catering, serving, to dress the tables, and to make sure that they, too, get to enjoy the event. But, of course, the last thing on your mind should be bleaching, ironing, and returning classic heavy linens. So these are going to help you really focus on what matters most!

How durable are linen-like tablecloths?

They are impressive in their durability! They can be used on smooth or rough finished tables and won't rip or shred the second you slightly adjust something. They'll drape naturally and give the high-end yet still rugged design you expect and know from classic linen.

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