Enhance your Morning Coffee Time with Smarty's Coffee Mugs

Enhance your Morning Coffee Time with Smarty's Coffee Mugs

Milena Kukurekovic

Coffee! A morning beverage that everyone likes to have when it's at a specific temperature. Every morning we struggle to keep our coffee warm to gain energy for the rest of the day. A perfectly made coffee is like an energy injection to boost your body's energy level and eliminate laziness for the rest of the day. Moreover, doesn't it look odd without the mug of the coffee sitting with your favorite person near the bone fire? Like, something is lacking in the frame of chilled nights of the winter, and that should be the mugs to keep your hands warm. Let's dig into this blog to explore the ways to enhance your morning coffee experience.

Morning Coffee Time

Morning coffee time is like a golden hour of the day. If you get a nicely made mug of coffee, you are good to go for the day. But what if you are in a rush to get to your office and you can't spend the next 10 minutes having coffee? You would think of pouring it into the mug and having it on the way. But you can't throw away that ceramic mug after you finish it. Smarty's coffee mugs eliminate this problem as they are elegant disposable cups. So you can have the coffee on the way and throw it away without worrying about the inconvenience of carrying them along.

These mugs are super comfortable to hold as they are lightweight. Moreover, your morning coffees won't get cold as they used to because of the material and techniques used in the manufacturing process.

Smarty's beautiful coffee mugs are available in various designs and shapes like round and square.

Enhance Your Coffee Taste

Have you ever faced a problem while making coffee? You follow all the steps carefully and still fail to get the taste that your favorite coffee cafe in the town offers. Well, a game of ratios needs to be played nicely and carefully to master this art. It starts with the size of the mug in which you are mixing all the different proportions of steamed milk, foam, and espresso. With Smarty's fancy plastic cups, you can have the exact taste you look for. Mug's big brim helps you add up the different ratios in perfect volume and a big canvas to show your creativity on the lattes.

Coffee on the Go

You wake up and get ready for a morning walk but halfway there, you suddenly miss coffee's aroma and the warmth that relaxes you inside, but you don't want it in your big mug. With Smarty's disposable coffee mugs, you can have the coffee anywhere you wish to. So you can take the coffee mug with you on a morning walk and save time for your speedy mornings. Moreover, these disposable mugs are for one-time use, so you won't need to wash them every time you have the coffee - instead, you can simply dispose of them.


6 Magic Ways to Use Coffee

After drinking espresso or cappuccino, we get rid of the coffee, throwing it in the trash. But, before you throw out your coffee next time, think about how you can use it again because below are 6 magical ways to use coffee!

1 - Compost 

If you have compost on your plot, just add coffee to the compost pile. It will improve the quality of fertilizers, and thus the soil, which you will then soak with fertilizer with the addition of coffee.

2 - Smell in the Fridge

To keep the fresh aroma in the fridge, put a small, open container filled with freshly ground coffee in it. The dish will absorb strong odors because coffee can work wonders due to its intense aroma!

3 - Coffee as a Natural Fertilizer

It is also worth using coffee as a natural fertilizer for plants. Coffee will improve drainage and water retention. In addition, mixing the soil with coffee directly with the soil for plants helps to obtain essential microelements, such as phosphorus and potassium, without using artificial fertilizers.

4 - Coffee as a Cleanser

The abrasive properties of coffee are ideal for scrubbing greasy surfaces such as skewers or pots, even burnt ones. All you have to do is put some coffee on a cloth and start peeling, with a smile on your face, enjoying using a natural product to remove stubborn dirt.

5 - Coffee Peeling

Expensive anti-cellulite creams almost always have one thing in common: caffeine. To prepare a homemade coffee peel, you will need coffee, coconut oil, sea salt, or sugar.

6 - It Will Destroy the Smell of Garlic

Due to its intense aroma, coffee perfectly neutralizes terrible odors from the hands, for example, garlic. It is enough to wash your hands with coffee, and you will immediately see and feel the effect.

Health Benefits of Drinking Coffee 

Coffee is a beverage that many people start the morning with. It wakes us up, affects our mood, and is often an excuse for love, family, and other meetings. If you are a coffee lover, you do not need additional reasons to enjoy one or more cups of this great drink daily.

Here's why we need coffee:

Reduces Stress

If you drink coffee in moderation, you can reduce the negative effects of long-term stress. This, in turn, means that coffee helps you relax and enjoy sex much more.

Coffee Improves Sports Performance.

Research shows that cyclists who consumed caffeine before the race had better results than those who drank only water. Reduces fatigue and increases the ability to concentrate and pay attention. 

Coffee Support Brain Health

Some research suggests that coffee may help protect against certain neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.


Party on, Smarties! With love, Smarty had a Party!

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