How Is Compostable Cutlery Better for the Environment?

How Is Compostable Cutlery Better for the Environment?

Milena Kukurekovic

With time, we have become busy. The small breaks we take to get some fresh air feel almost heavenly, right? When you are outside, what makes you feel better? The shining sun, the gentle breeze, the green grass, the ever-shimmering water bodies, the busy animals, right? These beautiful elements make us think a lot about our world and how to preserve the natural beauty we're enjoying so much. 

We're constantly looking for any small way to be more sustainable in our extensive but necessary use of the planet's resources. One such small way, which may not be so small at all, is to dispense with disposable flatware that we cannot recycle. Smarty had a party and always had the environment in mind. While the plastic options we offer at Smarty Had a Party is recyclable, our eco-friendly offerings go much further. How so? Our eco-friendly options allow you to add them to your compost heap. Compostable flatware is the perfect alternative to non-recyclable plastic flatware. It is sturdier and comes in different colors, designs, and sizes. These also offer more benefits than other disposable utensils and cutlery.

How is compostable cutlery better for the environment than the other disposable options we're so familiar with? It will be a pleasure for us to explain! 

It Gives Back To the Earth

What does non-recyclable plastic do in the ground? A whole lot of nothing. Regular, non-recyclable plastic is not biodegradable, meaning that if it ends up in the landfill with the rest of your garbage, it'll stay there for good. When added to water bodies, waste harms sensitive ecosystems and animals. So, why not use biodegradable disposable goods instead of letting waste stay idle underground? They not only remain as a part of the cycle but also don't require further processing in recycling. Compostable cutlery is better for the environment because they make this possible. Simply dispose of your compostable cutlery in your compost heap and let nature take its course, breaking the natural materials back down into the soil. You can use the compost on your lawn or garden to enjoy fresh veggies and fruits. The flowers that bloom will help the bees too! Giving and taking are so much better than just taking.  

It Requires Less Energy to Produce

The process is energy-intensive and draws upon significant amounts of heat and electricity. Much of this energy is also derived from fossil fuels. With the production of other disposable items come substantial energy consumption and subsequent pollution, from carbon dioxide emissions to other harmful greenhouse gasses associated with manufacturing. Producing compostable cutlery requires a small fraction of the energy necessary to make non-recyclable plastics. While those savings won't show up on your energy bills, they do represent a significant assist to our planet.

Compostable Flatware Is Made From Renewable Resources

Our flatwares are made from renewable sources in a sustainable manner. We do not add harmful chemicals to our eco-friendly tableware production. Which makes our end product non-toxic. What are the materials we use in our eco-friendly utensils and cutlery? Palm leaf, birchwood, and sugar cane fiber are the primary materials used in our compostable flatware. 

Our eco-friendly flatware is microwave friendly! So, you can stop your worry about them adding toxic chemicals to your food after heating. As a parent, you want the ultimate best for your child. So, serve your yummy party food on this compostable flatware. After all, reheating the food on this tableware will not add toxic substances to the food. These compostable utensils are suitable for both hot and cold food! So, yes, these can be put in the refrigerator too. 

Compostable Utensils Are Not A Waste Of Space! 

As we said before, these biodegradable, eco-friendly plates will help you reduce landfills. As our flatware is made to give back to nature, it won't sit on earth for a long time. After composting these utensils and cutlery, you can use them as manure for your plants. 

If you are worried about the look, it is time to stop. Why? Our eco-friendly flatware is made with great care to feel and look smooth. They are easy on the hand, stylish and sturdier than other single-use utensils. Our compostable tableware can add elegance to any of your events, regardless of being casual or formal! The colors of our products are very aesthetically pleasing. 

Eco-Friendly Tableware Saves Time, Money, and Water.

The piles of flatware to clean after a party is enormous. It takes a lot of time to clean them, too. But since our eco-friendly utensils and cutlery are made to be composted, you don't have to wash them. You also do not need to use any kind of dishwashing liquids to clean them. So, the money spent on cleaning liquid is saved! Also, since you don't need to wash or clean these utensils, you will save a lot of precious water! So aren't these just right for the environment?

What are you waiting for, folks? 

Clear the Table and Start Composting

It's time to make the switch to compostable cutlery. The birchwood we use in our eco-friendly flatware is strong, resilient, biodegradable, and compostable. Even the sugar cane fiber and palm leaf are! So after you've used these forks, spoons, knives, etc., send them to your compost heap for helpful bacteria to start returning these products to the earth — no heavy machinery is necessary.


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